Travel and Coronavirus: the situation in the world in June 2021

For those who have to leave, with and without vaccination Green Pass, here is the situation of Covid-19 cases in the world and the ECDC map where the quarantine is needed.

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 kicked off in every part of the World, where the pandemic alert remains high. The latest WHO data report 173,271,769 almost confirmed in the world since the beginning of the pandemic (15 million more than in May), with 3,733,980 total deaths (against 3,296,855 in May). As of June 6, 2,221,270,736 doses of vaccine globally, with 12,37% of the world population which has received at least the before dose (or single) of the vaccine and 6% who also received the second dose. For those who must to travel, it is useful to know the situation of the country of destination is the quota of vaccinated.

Covid-19 situation

In Europe, the latest WHO data (source: Health Emergency Dashboard, 08 June at 11.53), including theItaly (source: Dashboard Who European Region, 07 June at 10.00 am) report 54.768.346 confirmed cases, compared to 53,102,831 in May; 1.159.572 dead (they were 1,109,152); in America 68,655,985 confirmed cases and 1,802,104 deaths; in South East Asiatico 32,877,008 confirmed cases and 430,490 deaths; in Eastern Mediterranean 10,325,014 confirmed cases and 206,034 deaths; in Africa 3,573,298 confirmed cases and 88,398 deaths; in Western Pacific 3,173,832 confirmed cases and 48,246 deaths.

ECDC assessment

The latest update of the risk assessment relating to Sars-Cov-2 mutations by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control “linked B.1.617.2 to a disturbing variant, after new information has become available on the increase in transmissibility and on the impact on the efficacy of the vaccine, especially after a first dose ”.

European risk map

Based on the data, the Center divided the EU Member States into one map which shows the levels of risk in the European regions, using a traffic light system similar to that used in Italy. Regions are indicated with colors: green, orange, red, dark red and gray (if not enough information is available). States in the areas dark red should require persons traveling from that area to perform a pre-departure test and to undergo quarantine / autoisolamento.

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