“If it weakens it comes from a laboratory,” and former WHO member Zambon confirms

“If it weakens it comes from a laboratory,” and former WHO member Zambon confirms
“If it weakens it comes from a laboratory,” and former WHO member Zambon confirms

Since vaccine reservations have also been opened to the age group ranging from 12 to 39, young people have immediately shown the will to take their lives back in hand, eager to return to normal, and have joined en masse.

The governor of the Veneto region also commented on the vaccine situation, but above all the origin of the virus that still causes discussion and needs clarity. Luca Zaia, in connection with the episode of Cartabianca on Tuesday 8 June.

“The white zone and the reopenings give us great satisfaction but we also know that it is not the feast of liberation – recalls Zaia – we have infinitesimal infections, a few dozen cases a day with 500 hospitalized but it is true that there are. In Veneto, moreover, we are vaccinating a lot and we are following strict lines: Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson only administer them to the over 60s ”.

If the Draghi government has accelerated the vaccination campaign, however, it does not mean that the origin of the problem has been set aside: the scientific community has not stopped searching for the truth and everything inevitably leads to Wuhan.

In fact, today the idea that the virus is the result of an error in a genetic research returns to be evaluated: “The manipulation of viruses is authorized for scientific purposes, so it is not a crazy thing to think that it has escaped from a laboratory – asserts Zaia – Moreover, it is legitimate to ask why the epicenter of the contagion was precisely Wuhan, where a laboratory is located. coronavirus research “.

At the time, the governor of Veneto had suggested a thesis that had sparked public opinion: “If the virus weakens it means that it has come out of a laboratory”, he said, and Francesco Zambon himself, a former member of the WHO, confirms the hypothesis.

But how important is it to find out the origin of the virus? “It is not a mere scientific habit. The escape from the laboratory could open up countless questions about how to dispose of waste from these laboratories, safety procedures, etc. ”comments Zambon.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that the hypothesis formulated after the WHO investigation, considered unsatisfactory by many, has not yet been rejected: escape from the laboratory is highly unlikely but not impossible.

Even the United States remains in doubt, so much so that President Biden has asked for a report to intelligence within 90 days to prove the origin of Covid, relaunching the theory of the Nobel Prize. Luc Montagnier (See article)

The first reason that suggests an unnatural origin is the study of the genome sequence of the virus which has an inexplicable trait of the human genome within it. In support of this thesis there would be the 3 scientists who were sick as early as November 2019, not to mention the many researchers who literally disappeared from that Wuhan laboratory.

The scientific community, despite numerous doubts, agrees that what makes it difficult to establish the origin of Covid in a clear way are the variants. From the study of these it is generally understood if a virus was created in the laboratory or if it is subject to all natural random variations.

Specifically, when the virus infects the organism it transmits its genetic makeup to healthy cells: the genetic scheme, in the case of a natural variation, it will change little by little, in the case of a manipulation in the laboratory this does not happen.

“We need to understand if the variants in circulation today are attributable to genetic engineering or natural mutations – concludes Zambon – RSearching for the origin of the virus is essential but China has created a wall of rubber and it will be very difficult to get to the truth”.

(Photo: Cartabianca).

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