Two more patients at Giannuzzi before the No-Covid

Giannuzzi di Manduria © La Voce

The Marianna Giannuzzi is close to the No-Covid. Yesterday the entire facility converted into a Covid hospital housed only two patients still positive for the coronavirus. One was admitted to the medical ward with mild symptoms and another more severe in resuscitation.

Their resignations or transfers to other structures are expected to give way to the promised return to normality with the reopening of the suppressed wards. According to the plan disclosed so far, the hospital should in any case guarantee about fifteen places for diseases related to SarsCov2.

All other non-Covid specialties, on the other hand, should be treated in two different blocks: one medical and the other surgical. Medical, cardiological and nephrological pathologies would flow into the first, while surgical and orthopedic ones would flow into the other.


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