one in 5 patients suffer from it (including women)

one in 5 patients suffer from it (including women)
one in 5 patients suffer from it (including women)

Among the undesirable effects of the post Covid there is one that, from a psychological point of view, manages to undermine the patient’s recovery. This is the hair loss: one in 5 patients suffer from it, according to recent studies it could even reach one in 3. Especially women. In fact, many people who, today, after the first Covid infection find themselves with thinning hair, realize that they have lost too many of them compared to normal. And so the stress, in what is now recognized as the Long Covid for its long effects on health even after recovery, is felt.

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Sos hair: a comparison of dermatologists

It was discussed at the 94th Sidemast Congress, the Italian Society of Medical, Surgical, Aesthetic Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, emphasizing the fact that over 30% of people who contract Covid-19 infection register a significant hair loss, in some cases even of entire locks. Most feel weakening and thinning of their hair.

Traumatic effect of Covid

Post-Covid hair loss is part of the “acute telogen effluvium”: it involves the loss of 100 to 200 hairs per day. Exactly what can happen after a traumatic event. And Covid perfectly reflects this condition. A task force was also created in Bologna, with scientists from all over the world, to detect and study all cases of hair loss after Covid-19 infection.

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Even a new study in the Lancet Journal has shown that in the post-Covid post-Covid patients experience hair loss, this is the case for one in five people. In the Lancet Journal study of 1,655 people, 359 reported losing their hair after contracting Covid-19 – that’s 22%. The thinning of the locks affects the typical areas of baldness and the hairline.

Long-distance but transient fall

In most cases, 9 out of 10, hair loss occurs two or three months after healing and is thought to be due to all those conditions typical of the disease, such as being bedridden for a long time, weight loss, hypo -oxygenation, drugs and stress for the organism.

The cure

The therapies are based on local cortisone and food supplements based on antioxidants. It is essential to take care of the hair also from the outside, washing it well and gently. However, this is a temporary fall.

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