Coronavirus Italy: today another 2,199 cases and 77 victims, 1% positivity rate

Coronavirus Italy: today another 2,199 cases and 77 victims, 1% positivity rate
Coronavirus Italy: today another 2,199 cases and 77 victims, 1% positivity rate


In Tuscany another 9 deaths in one day, hospitalizations -8.8%

The daily Covid survey of the Tuscany Region rose immediately above 100, to 127 new cases (average age 39 years). The 24-hour report also reports another nine deaths in one day for a total of 6,784 victims since the start of the pandemic. In Tuscany, Coronavirus positivity cases rose to 242,786 (+ 0.1% on the previous day). The healed (another 425 in 24 hours, all complete healings with negative swabs) grew by 0.2% of the total and reached 230,765 since the beginning of the pandemic. The currently positive are today 5,237 (-5.5% on yesterday). Among them the hospitalized are 341 (-33 on yesterday, equal to -8.8%) of which 80 in intensive care (four less than yesterday). There are 4,896 people in isolation treated at home with symptoms or without symptoms (-274 on yesterday, -5.3%). In addition, there are 13,061 people (a decrease of 1,056 units on yesterday, -7.5%) in home quarantine, isolated, in active surveillance because they have had contact with infected people and the ASL must monitor any clinical developments.

In Basilicata 33 new cases: 4,585 vaccine doses administered

The task force of the Basilicata Region announces in a note that 4,585 vaccinations were carried out yesterday. A total of 239,321 Lucanians who received the first dose of the vaccine (43.3 percent) and 128,212 those who also received the second dose (23.2 percent) for a total of 367,533 administrations of 553,254 residents. (data from the Italian Post Office portal). Also yesterday, 895 molecular swabs were processed for the search for contagion from Covid-19, of which 33 (and among these 31 related to residents of Basilicata) were positive. On the same day, 62 healings were recorded (of which 59 related to residents in Basilicata).

Sardinia: 37 cases, 2 deaths, stable hospitalizations

There are 37 new cases of Coronavirus positivity ascertained in Sardinia in the update of the regional crisis unit, 2 deaths, 3,868 additional tests performed. Hospitalized patients drop below 100 (94, 6 less than the previous figure), while the number of patients (6) in intensive care remains unchanged. There are 12,104 people in home isolation, 109 more healed. Of the 56,937 positive cases ascertained, 14,903 (+13) were detected in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, 8,665 in Southern Sardinia, 5,161 in Oristano, 10,931 (+5) in Nuoro, 17,263 (+19) in Sassari.

In Marche 82 positive in 24h, test / case ratio 5.3%

In 24 hours 82 coronavirus positive in the Marche region out of 1,536 new diagnoses (5.3%). In the antigen screening pathway 512 tests and eight positives were detected (to be subjected to the molecular swab); positive / tested ratio 2%. In total, “3,004 swabs were analyzed on the last day: 1,536 in the new diagnosis pathway (of which 512 screened with Antigenic pathway) and 1,468 in the healed path”. Among the positives of the new diagnoses 15 subjects with symptoms.

In Valle d’Aosta 4 new cases and no deaths

There are 4 new Covid cases recorded in the last 24 hours in Valle d’Aosta for a total of 11,641 since the beginning of the pandemic. This is what emerges from the bulletin of the Region: no deaths in the same period of time for a total of 472. In the territory there were 16 new healed: the current positives down to -12.

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