Bulletin today June 9, 2021. All the news

The daily coronavirus cases in Lazio remain below the threshold of 200: they are 179 those made official today by the Regional Health Department at the end of the daily videoconference of the regional task force for Covid-19. The number of tests was lower which in total were over 22 thousand, of which 10 thousand molecular and over 12 thousand antigenic: the ratio between positives and swabs stood at 1.7%, but drops to 0.8% if we also consider the antigenic.

Dwelling on the other data, 7 deaths were reported today, while 1,237 were recovered; the progressive decline in the number of hospitalized patients continues, which to date are 587 (-58 compared to yesterday), as well as that of the intensive care units employed, which are 107 (-1).

Coronavirus Lazio: the distribution of infections

As regards the territorial distribution of the new infections, 141 are in the province of Rome, 38 in the other four provinces. In the capital, 84 cases have been reported, while there are 20 in the province of Latina, 13 in that of Frosinone, 5 in that of Viterbo and zero, for the third consecutive day, in that of Rieti. As for the deaths, 3 related to the Pontine territory and one to the province of Rieti, while the others were registered in the province of Rome.

Coronavirus Latina: the bulletin of the Asl today 9 June

Coronavirus Lazio: the bulletin of 9 June

The general picture is updated throughout Lazio where the number of current positives continues to drop: there are less than 9 thousand today with more than 8 thousand who are being treated at home and almost 700 who instead need hospitalization. Almost 344 thousand are instead the total infections ascertained throughout the region in these 16 months of pandemic: 326 thousand people have been healed, 8236 deaths.

The vaccination campaign

New record of vaccinations yesterday: at midnight 66 thousand administrations were registered throughout the region. “Today 9 June we will reach 3.9 million doses administered and already exceeded the quota of 1.3 million second doses” commented the Regional Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato. Record data that of yesterday also in the Pontine province where 5 thousand vaccinations were exceeded in one day. As for the upcoming opening dates for bookings by age group, tomorrow, June 10, will be the turn of those who are between 29 and 25 years old, then Sunday 13 June at 24 for those who are between 24 and 27 years old. while from 15 June it will be possible to book for the 12-16 range from your pediatrician; bookings will be possible on bookingavaccino-covid.regione.lazio.it/welcome and all information is available on salutelazio.it/vaccinare-covid-19-fasce-eta

Junior Open Day in Lazio

As for the first Junior Open Day 12/16 Pfizer years of this weekend (Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 June), reservations will be open from tomorrow 10 June. Pediatricians of free choice also participate. The vaccinations will take place in 43 vaccination points distributed throughout the region: 8 in the Asl Rm1; 4 in the Asl Rm 2; 5 in the Asl Rm 3; 4 in the Asl Rm 4; 4 in the Asl Rm 5; 4 in the Asl Rm 6; 5 in the ASL of Viterbo; 4 in the Asl of Frosinone; 3 in the ASL of Latina; 2 in the ASL of Rieti. Reservation on bookingavaccino-covid.regione.lazio.it/welcome also accessible from the portal salutelazio.it.


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