Green pass: what you need to know and why it is important. Green light also from Europe

Green pass: what you need to know and why it is important. Green light also from Europe
Green pass: what you need to know and why it is important. Green light also from Europe

Florence, 9 June 2021 – On the day of the European Parliament’s green light for the certificate Covid EU digital, it is good to clarify all the rules that revolve around the green pass. This is the certificate introduced by the Italian government to regulate the movements between regions in an orange or red band (colors fortunately not present now). The document proves that they have been vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 or have undergone a swab with negative results.

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Tuscany, how to get the green pass

What can I do with the green pass

The green pass is used to participate in wedding parties in the white band since May 31 and, from June 15, in the still yellow areas. It is very likely that this pass is also used to enter the disco (right now it is being discussed), to participate in concerts or to attend conventions and conferences.

The green pass will be used for travel and events

Who has the green pass must respect the anti-contagion name?

Absolutely yes, as it cannot be guaranteed the total elimination of the risk of first infection in the vaccinated or of reinfection in the recovered, also due to the circulation of the variants, nor can the risk of transmission of the virus be excluded. Equally, the risk of first infection and, consequently, the risk of transmission in those with a negative swab is not excluded. Therefore, even those in possession of the green certification must continue to wear masks, respect the physical distance and frequently sanitize their hands.

How to get the national green pass?

For the vaccinated “the certification is issued, in paper or digital format, by the health facility or by the healthcare professional who carries out the vaccination”. For those recovered from Covid, the green certification is issued “in paper or digital format, by the facility where the Covid-19 patient was admitted, or, for non-hospitalized patients, by general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice “. The negative result of the swab is certified by the pharmacy or private laboratory where the molecular or antigen test is carried out.

Is the green pass already in effect?

Of course yes. The certificates of vaccination or recovery from Covid, whether paper or digital, already have the value of a national green pass.

How long does the green pass last?

Nine months “starting from the completion of the vaccination cycle”. It was decided to issue certification upon administration of the first dose of vaccine, with validity from the “fifteenth day following administration until the date scheduled for completion of the vaccine cycle”. The duration of the green certification in case of recovery remains six months from the healing from Covid. In the event of a negative swab, the certificate is valid for forty-eight hours from the execution of the test. In fact, for those who make the vaccine AstraZeneca (the second dose is administered after about three months), the green pass is valid for almost a year. For those who receive the administration of that of Johnson&Johnson (one dose) the duration of the document is 9 months. For those who use messenger RNA vaccines Pfizer e Modern (recall after 42 days) an intermediate duration must be calculated.

Must minors also have the Green Pass?

Yes, from 2 years of age. In short, families with small children can participate in weddings, baptisms and communions by showing their own green pass and those of the dependent minors.

Does it have a cost?

The certificate is free. However, the tampon remains to be paid. The molecular one is preferable (it costs an average of 80 euros).

Does the European Green Pass work in the municipality?

MEPs approved the new regulations on the digital Covid certificate. The certificate will be issued free of charge by the national authorities and will be available in digital or paper format with a QR code. The document will certify that a person has been vaccinated against the coronavirus or had a recent test with negative results or that they have recovered from the infection. In practice, these are three distinct certificates. A common EU framework will make certificates compatible and verifiable across the European Union, as well as preventing fraud and forgery. The system will apply from July 1st and will remain in effect for 12 months. The certificate will not be a precondition for free movement and will not be considered a travel document. The pass will certify the complete vaccination (valid from 14 days after the last dose), the recovery from Covid-19 (the positive swab is valid, after the eleventh day for 180 days) and the negative outcome of a test (72 hours of validity for the molecular, 48 hours for the rapid).

How will Italy connect to the community platform?

Italy has already done the technical tests and only has to perform the last step. In the next few days the system will be operational through two App already widespread enough: Me and Immuni. In the first case, you will log in with Spid or with an electronic identity card and you will download the pass; if you opt for Immuni, the Ministry of Innovation explains that to access the certificate you will need a password generated with the Otp system (one time password), that is a “disposable” access key.

Son: “Ready in a few days”

“On the green pass we are ready, it is a matter of a few days”. Thus commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo on the sidelines of the delivery of a Defender to the commissioner structure by the Defense Industries Agency.

Meloni: “Green pass is not blackmail”

“We will never allow the Green Pass become a method of blackmailing citizens, denying them the freedom to travel, go to a concert or dine at a restaurant like everyone else. The idea of ​​being forced to have a pass to participate in social life is chilling, literally incompatible with standards of a free nation. We have always said: this tool cannot and must not be part of the ‘normality’ of things. Starting again yes, blackmailing no “.

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