Covid, 21 new positives in Liguria: less than 2000 active cases. 2 deaths in Asl2

Covid, 21 new positives in Liguria: less than 2000 active cases. 2 deaths in Asl2
Covid, 21 new positives in Liguria: less than 2000 active cases. 2 deaths in Asl2

Liguria. I’m 21 the new cases of coronavirus infection recorded by today’s Alisa / Region bulletin for the Ministry of Health. The data refers to 2,913 swabs molecular effected. The number of antigenic swabs registered today is 1,494.

Of the new positive cases, 13 concern the province of Genoa (11 in Asl3 and 2 in Asl4), 5 in La Spezia, 2 in the Savona area and 1 case in Imperia. There are no cases not attributable to residents in Liguria.

There are three people missing due to Covid recorded by today’s bulletin. The youngest is a 72-year-old man who died yesterday at the San Paolo hospital in Savona.

The healed are 69, both those with a tampon that certifies it and those who had the last symptoms over 21 days ago. At the moment in Liguria there are therefore 1,938 “active” cases of Covid.

The total of hospitalized and of 97 patients, 3 less than yesterday. The terapie intensive employed are 21, clearly below the critical threshold according to the Ministry of Health, or 30% of the total.

Individuals in home isolation, or in quarantine, asymptomatic or with symptoms that do not require hospitalization, are 546, 67 less than yesterday’s bulletin. There are 974 people under active surveillance in Liguria.

On the front of the vaccinations12,216 doses of Pfizer and Moderna and 4,797 of Astrazeneca-Johnson have been administered in the last 24 hours – report the data of Alisa updated at 4 pm. To have received the entire vaccination course (two doses) are 364.907 citizens in Liguria. The doses administered (including the first ones) are 1,051,417. The percentage of doses administered on the total of those delivered is 93%.

IN THE PROVINCE OF SAVONA – There are 271 positive residents in the province of Savona. There are 23 people admitted to hospital (+1), intensive care is still empty. The subjects under active surveillance are 140. In today’s bulletin there are also 2 deaths in Asl2: they are two men, one of 72 and one of 88 years both missed yesterday at the San Paolo di Savona.

From December 27, 2020 to date, 144,961 doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been administered in Asl2, of which 2,406 in the last 24 hours. The people who have already been given the second dose are 58,550. As for the Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccine, however, 32,950 doses have been administered since December 27, 2020. In the last 24 hours, 740 doses have been administered. 4,246 people received the second dose.

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