“Covid vaccine: third recall at the end of September in the Marche” – Chronicle

“Covid vaccine: third recall at the end of September in the Marche” – Chronicle
“Covid vaccine: third recall at the end of September in the Marche” – Chronicle

Ancona, 8 June 2021 – Il third recall of the anti Covid vaccine? In the Market there is also a date, however rough: the last week of September 2021. This was announced by the regional councilor for health, Filippo Saltamartini. “Having established that the vaccination coverage lasts about 9 months”, we will start with the healthcare personnel, whose members received the injections first as early as early December 2020.

Covid Bulletin: today’s data in the Marche

But before the third question, there is that of vaccines on vacation: the Marches are “now able to make the automatic exchange with the post office system only with the Lombardy”. Circa 400 phone calls to the Cup already (single booking center) Marche to ask for the administration of the second dose on vacation or elsewhere. The Region is organizing the ‘exchange’ on the basis of the “concertation between all the regions. It is not just a problem of the Marches, it must be solved at the level of the Conference of the Regions and then coordinated by Commissioner Figliuolo ”. Another node is that of students who want to go abroad, for example for study reasons, and ask for an early vaccination. The Region considers “vaccinating them with Johnson, with the single dose”.

“Vaccines for high school students, the 60% threshold exceeded”

The vaccination of the maturanti: we have exceeded the threshold of 60% “. Saltamartini adds on the sidelines of today’s meeting of the Regional Council talking about the progress of the vaccination campaign in the region. In recent days in particular (2-6 June) the ‘Vax days‘for high school students who will have to take the final exams. As for the vaccination of the rest of the population, the Marche yesterday exceeded the million doses administered.

“And by the end of June, one million people from the Marches will have received the first dose – adds Saltamartini -. In the next few days the campaign will continue with the adhesion of industry for employee vaccination. To date, requests have been received for the vaccination of 6/7 thousand employees of companies. Immediately after these categories, especially tour operators, we will bring the vaccination to pharmacies. I think Friday. “

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