“The covid is not clinically dead. Outdoor masks? Meaningless »- Corriere.it

“The covid is not clinically dead. Outdoor masks? Meaningless »- Corriere.it
“The covid is not clinically dead. Outdoor masks? Meaningless »- Corriere.it

A year ago he said: “The virus is clinically dead.” Twelve months later: “I do not deny anything, the translation that was made of that sentence was deliberately malicious“. However. But today fix the shot: “Today the virus is in hibernation.” This morning the San Raffaele emergency room «was full of patients with other diseases, fortunately there are no patients with respiratory insufficiency from Sars-CoV-2. This to me means that the virus is clinically … dormant. Do we want to put it this way? Could it be that he wakes up? We hope not“. Thus Alberto Zangrillo, director of the anesthesia and general resuscitation unit, to the microphones of “A sheep’s day” on Rai Radio 1, returns to his statement a year ago when he said that the virus was “clinically dead”. «The virus exists – underlines Zangrillo – as there are hundreds of viruses. Now we are looking for this, so we find this. But if we were looking for others we would find others, and what is certain is that we must face it carefully, avoiding making cassandras, but also making fortune-tellers ».

The outdoor masks? «Alberto Zangrillo tells you that they don’t make any sense. In the last few days I shook my head when I happened to meet people who, in the middle of the woods, on a path along the course of a river, put on their masks terrified because the greaser was coming. This – the head physician of San Raffaele warns – is a way of life that does not lead us to that awareness, to that mental and psychological balance of evidence, objectivity, correct information. Without this correct information – warns Silvio Berlusconi’s personal doctor – we will all be a population of Boeotians who follow whoever shoots the biggest ».

As a gesture of peace, would you go to dinner with Massimo Galli or Andrea Crisanti? “I reserve these things for friends, therefore with friends that I have not been able to attend and certainly not with people that I have come across but that I would never have frequented in my life for other reasons ». Translated: the controversy between primaries remains open. More. When asked (“What has been the biggest nonsense done in this last year?”), The San Raffaele head physician replies: “It was to create real characters who at a certain point were self-fueled and entered into competition, they disoriented, spending a lot of time on the media to create discomfort”.

A step forward. According to the doctor, “we live in continuous and perennial prejudice. Absolute truth does not exist. Truth is truth as such because someone who belongs to the politically correct says it. We – he explains with an example – remember when Trump said that perhaps there was little transparency on the part of the Chinese: he was taken as a scoundrel, a fool, and attacked above all by the local media and then obviously by everyone else. Now, a year later, Biden is saying the same things and so now it’s right to investigate. In Italy it is the same thing – Zangrillo argues – so in the end the politically correct is what guides: the truth is in relation to who says that thing ».

Finally, the hypothesis of a political career. Salvini said that for the candidacy for mayor of Milan he is awaiting the response of a primary. Could it be that of Alberto Zangrillo? “I believe that Salvini knows an infinite number of primary, and I am convinced that a good doctor must die a doctor. I don’t change my mind and I hope that I will die, as late as possible, doing my job ». Have they ever asked him? “They have tried quite frequently but without conviction.”

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