Covid emergency, off to class parties for the end of the school year

Last days of school, class dinners for the end of the year, parties and convivial situations. The last week of school has begun and the greeting machine is already in motion with everyone the risks that the gatherings can lead to the spread of coronaviruses. Prefecture, Region and local authorities, gathered in the “school-transport coordination table” which, from the return to the classroom, monitors the safety of what happens inside the classrooms but also around the buildings, launches an appeal to students and families “not to lower the guard and we must not lose sight of the priority objective, which is the complete disappearance of Covid. For this reason – the institutions continue – we extend a warm invitation to all students and their families because, despite the understandable desire to celebrate, occasions for gathering and, more generally, any risky behavior under the profile of health prevention are carefully avoided “: In short, the last bell must be celebrated without excess, with a mask and above all at a distance , hoping that the somersaults that the school has been forced to in the last year, will not be repeated.

The bathroom at the fountains of piazza Castello: a classic for farewell to school

Classes start on 13 September

Meanwhile, the Region yesterday approved the school calendar valid from September. The first bell rings for everyone on Monday 13 September, and the last on 8 June, for primary and secondary schools of first and second grade, on 30 June for infant-toddler centers and preschools. The Christmas holidays break through the two-week ceiling: 17 days of vacation. We stay at home from Friday, December 24th to January 9th, returning to school on Monday 10. Only a couple of long weekends, for the feast of Saints, which is on Monday, as well as April 25th. No party on May 1st which is Sunday, while they will be there six days off at Easter, with holidays from Thursday 14 April to Tuesday 19.

Flexibility for each school

As every year, the faculty of school autonomies remains to adapt their timetable to the school calendar, also by bringing forward the start date of lessons with respect to what is established by the Region, but in any case not before 2 September. Flexibility also for Carnival days, with holidays indicated between February 26 and March 1: in the event of a recurrence of infections and prolonged closure of schools, schools can cancel all or part of the Carnival holidays.

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