why do so many children die from the virus in Brazil? – Corriere.it

why do so many children die from the virus in Brazil? – Corriere.it
why do so many children die from the virus in Brazil? – Corriere.it

In Brazil, the grip of the pandemic is not loosened and many epidemiologists are wondering why COVID-19 also affects children in the South American country so badly. I am still over a thousand deaths and more than 37,000 new infections every day, for a total of over 474,000 victims since the beginning of the health emergency. And doctors confirm that contrary to what President Jair Bolsonaro claims – according to which the figures are inflated – the toll is probably higher due to the lack of staff in the various health districts.

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The scientific community fears that the situation will worsen further in the coming weeks, due to the arrival of the austral winter and the increased incidence of various respiratory diseases at that time. The fact that perhaps most worries doctors is the fact that Covid-19 is causing it serious diseases in Brazilian children at levels never seen in other parts of the world. Research by Dr Fatima Marinho of Vital Strategies, a non-governmental organization, found chand more than 2,200 children under the age of 10 have died due to the coronavirus. Although this number represents less than 0.5 percent of total Covid-19 deaths in Brazil, more than 900 deaths have occurred in children under the age of 5.

Why are so many children in Brazil hospitalized and dying from Covid-19? – ask pediatrician Peter J. Hotez and epidemiologist Albert I. Ko in an editorial published in the New York Times – Identifying the answer is fundamental not only for the health of children in South America; it is also critical to understanding what path the coronavirus pandemic might take in the future. A possible explanation lies in the variants emerging in Brazil ». The predominant strain of the coronavirus circulating in the country is the variant P. 1 “born” in the Amazon – now renamed “Gamma” by the World Health Organization. «Like Beta (the new name for variant B. 1.351, which was first identified in South Africa), the Gamma variant is more transmissible than previous virus lines and may be able to partially escape the antibodies produced from a Covid-19 infection or vaccine – the two doctors confirm-. It is possible that the same mutations that make Gamma more transmissible also contribute to higher rates of infections, hospitalizations and deaths among children.

Despite the worrying health scenario, Brazil will host the ten South American soccer teams this week, which starting June 13 will play the America Cup. Although there is no public in the stadiums, the event will mobilize thousands of people across much of the Brazilian territory.

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