Maturity 2021, the teacher commissioner in Covid isolation participates in videoconference

The 2021 maturity remains almost the same as in 2020. A maxi oral is expected with the presentation of a written paper that will be discussed during the test. What happens if students or commissioners fall ill with COVID in correspondence with the exams? The info.

Maturity Exams 2021 similar to last year – Characteristics of the Paper


The Exam session will start in about a week: next June 16 at 8.30. The exam includes a oral interview, which will start from the discussion of a elaborated whose topic was assigned to each student and each student by the class councils by April 30 last.

L’elaborated was sent by the candidate within the next May 31. The students had a month available to develop it. They were supported in this sense by the teachers of the class who helped each candidate to value what they had learned.

The paper was assigned on the basis of the path taken and the disciplines characterizing the field of study, without excluding the contribution of other disciplines, experiences related to Pathways for transversal skills and orientation or individual skills present in the student’s curriculum. The paper can have different forms, in order to take into account the specificity of the different courses of study, the planning of the scholastic institutions and the characteristics of the student in order to enhance the peculiarities and the personalized path taken.

How the 2021 oral interview takes place

The conceptual issues characterizing the disciplines will be dealt with during the interview, also in their interdisciplinary relationship. However, the candidate is not asked to present multidisciplinary thematic paths (thesis, concept maps, etc.) in addition to the paper.

The exam starts with:

  1. the presentation or display of the paper by the candidate;
  2. discussion of a short text, already studied in the teaching of Italian language and literature, or of the language and literature in which the teaching takes place
  3. analysis, by the candidate, of the material chosen by the sub-commission with discussion of conceptual issues characterizing the various disciplines, also in their interdisciplinary relationship
  4. There will be space for the exhibition held in the PCTOs and for the new teaching of civic education.

Maturity 2021 – The score of the oral maxi

As for the score of the individual tests, since there are no longer written tests, a lot has changed compared to past editions, 2019 down. Specifically, the scores will be assigned as follows:

  • 60 points max for school credit,
  • 40 points max for the oral exam.

We then arrive at 100 o to 100 and lode in case the commission, unanimously, decides to award this excellent vote. Anyone who has carried out a particularly brilliant examination can count on 5 bonus points that can assign teachers. Attention, the 5 bonus points cannot contribute to get to the praise, but only to 100.

Max five candidates for each exam day

Last school year, but the norm had been such for several years, the maximum number of candidates called for the interview was five. Numerous commissions then, given the modalities with which the interview takes place, the cleaning of the premises between one interview and another, the possibility of being able to put the student at ease, have opted for 4 students per day. But the decision rests with the individual commission; the Ministry indicated in the order of March 3/2021 the following:

The number of candidates who take the interview cannot exceed five per day, unless there are justified organizational needs

Maturity 2021 and COVID-19

For the second consecutive year, high school students will have to deal, in addition to preparing the oral exam, with compliance with the Security protocol for Covid. The last year has been reconfirmed broadly, with a clarification regarding the masks.

According to the indications of the Higher Institute of Health it will be mandatory to use the surgical and no longer community ones (as it was allowed last year) and the Ffp2 are not recommended for prolonged use.

What is the difference between so-called community masks and surgical masks?

The surgical masks are medical masks, developed to be used in a healthcare environment and certified on the basis of their filtering capacity. They meet the characteristics required by the UNI EN ISO 14683-2019 standard and work by preventing transmission.

The community masks they have the purpose of reducing the circulation of the virus in daily life and are not subject to particular certifications. Neither medical devices nor personal protective equipment should be considered, but a hygienic measure useful to reduce the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus.

For the rest, the Protocol provides for the same directives of 2020 as the:

  • spacing of at least 2 meters between the candidate and each member of the commission,
  • hand sanitation,
  • limited use of accompanying persons in school premises,
  • remote examination in case the student is in quarantine.

Videoconference exam – Students

Candidates staying in places of care or hospitals, inmates or in any case unable to leave their home during the exam period, forward to the manager / coordinator before the commission takes office or, subsequently, to the chairman of the examination commission, a motivated request for an interview outside the school, accompanied by suitable documentation. The manager / coordinator – or the chairman of the commission – arranges the examination modality in videoconference. The videoconference exam is also used for the state exams of the prison sections, if it is impossible to carry out the exam in person.

Videoconference exam – Commissioners teachers

In cases where one or more examiners are unable to follow the work in the presence, including the exam, as a result of specific health provisions related to the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, the president arranges the participation of interested parties in videoconference. All this of course if the teacher is not certified sick and therefore the replacement must be identified.

Maturity 2021, the countdown starts: it is mandatory to use surgical masks, no to FFP2

Maturity 2021: how the interview takes place, what happens if the student is positive for COVID. Faq of the Ministry

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