Covid: today’s data in the Marche. Coronavirus Bulletin of June 8, 2021

Covid: today’s data in the Marche. Coronavirus Bulletin of June 8, 2021
Covid: today’s data in the Marche. Coronavirus Bulletin of June 8, 2021

Ancona, 8 June 2021 – I contagion remain very low in Market, and the relationship between new positives and tests is still falling. The covid bulletin today, june 8th, it barely matters 33 almost (yesterday 20) out of 1,229 swabs processed in the new diagnosis path: the 2,7% (yesterday 4.2%).

The Health Service of the Marche Region announces that they have been tested in the last 24 hours 2,725 exams: 1,229 in the path new diagnoses and 1496 in the path healed. In the Antigen Screening Pathway, 328 tests were carried out and 4 positive cases were found (to be subjected to the molecular swab) for a positive / tested ratio of 1%.

Infections in the provinces of the Marche

As mentioned, there are 33 positives in the new diagnosis process, of which 9 with the symptoms of the virus (epidemiological investigations are underway for three cases): 6 in the province of Ancona, 9 a Pesaro and Urbino, 5 a Stop, 12 ad Ascoli Piceno and 1 from outside the region.

The total of coronavirus cases since the beginning of the pandemic therefore rises to 103,173.

How infections arise

Of the 33 infections today, 7 have occurred in home, 9 originated from contacts close with positive people, 1 at work, 1 in a social environment, 2 relate students and 1 comes from outside the region.

Two more covid deaths yesterday

Two deaths yesterday, a 91 year old from Cartoceto (Pesaro Urbino) and an 87 year old from Macerata, both with previous pathologies.

Vaccines, reached the million doses administered

Reached the million doses of vaccine administered in the region, and exceeded one million reservations. “Thank you for joining the vaccination campaign and thank you for the great commitment to our extraordinary operators”, comments the President of the Region on Facebook, Francesco Acquaroli.

“Finally the Region has initiated the agreement for the administration of vaccines in pharmacies, reconfirming the role of the profession projected to the development of the services pharmacy”. The president of Federfarma Marche announces it with satisfaction, Andrea Avitabile, in a press release released yesterday morning.

“Immediately the first 81 Marche pharmacies enabled after specific training, they can collect the reservations of citizens, without limits on age groups, creating a list based on their organizational and logistical skills and according to the weekly supply of vaccines “.

Great attention to spaces, to avoid the contagion risk. “It must be said – they point out from the Ancona pharmacies – that it is not known which vaccines will arrive, whether the single-dose Johnson & Johnson or the Pfizer”. However, Federfarma continues in the note, “the Region has also asked pharmacies to collaborate to involve all those who have not yet booked”.

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