School: the second school year marked by Covid ends

School: the second school year marked by Covid ends
School: the second school year marked by Covid ends

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Yet a few hours and will close the second school year dell’it was covid, which took place in gran parte in dad. In fact, the lessons will end tomorrow in six Italian regions: in addition to Lombardy last bell also in Lazio, Basilicata, Abruzzo, Sicily and Valle d’Aosta. Last Saturday they have already concluded in Molise, Marche, Veneto, Emilia Romagna.

Beyond 100 thousand students from Brescia who have undergone forced closures, dad and resumed.

On 9 June it will be the turn of the students of Umbria and Liguria, the next day in the Province of Trento, on 11 for those of Piedmont and Puglia, on 12 the Sardinian and Calabrian students will go on vacation. The last, on June 16, will be the students of the Province of Bolzano.

Among the biggest, nearly 1 in 3 will be forced to second consecutive year to conclude the lessons distant from their peers due to autonomous decisions taken by the schools for avoid gatherings. Less than half of the pupils (44%) say they will have an official group photo with the whole class lined up. And we are already thinking about the new school year which will be, finally and hopefully, all in attendance. The principals will have to «render secure permanence»At school children and young people who choose not to get vaccinated – the emergency commissioner Francesco Figliuolo warned today -. The vaccine is one of the pillars of the fight against the virus – he clarified – but for me no one should ever be discriminated against: as long as there are laws that allow the non-compulsory nature, who organizes theschool activity he must put in place everything that is possible “to guarantee” those who, by personal choice or that of their parents, have legitimately thought not to get vaccinated, to make their stay in schools safe “.

And there is the vacant chairs knot: I’m over 112 thousand according to the calculations of the CISL Scuola. Meanwhile, the school year that is ending is “to be forgotten” for many students, especially for the older ones, forced for months into distance learning, but also the little ones, in some territories such as Campania, have been for many months in dad. The most disappointed are the graduates: two thirds speak of a ruined school year due to the stop on the trip, on top of the regrets for 45% of the graduates, the absence of the final months of lessons and revision lived together with classmates (22%), farewell to the collective exam preparation (11%), the hundred days (10%), and the high school graduation party (9%). And already today the eighth grade exams have begun in the territories where the school ended on Saturday. They are exams that this year, unlike last year, take place in person and start from the discussion of a paper on a topic that has been assigned to each pupil by the class council by 7 May. The paper consists of an original product, which can be produced in the form of written text, multimedia presentation, film, artistic or technical-practical production. During the oral exam, the levels of mastery of the Italian language, of the logical and mathematical skills, of the skills in foreign languages ​​and of the skills in Civic Education are ascertained. The final evaluation is expressed with a mark out of tenths. It will be possible to get praise.

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