Sicily: eviction signals from Covid

Sicily: eviction signals from Covid
Sicily: eviction signals from Covid

There are 156 new cases of coronavirus in Sicily. A drop from 275 yesterday. The tests carried out are 9,759, with the positivity rate falling from 3.8 to 1.5%.

There are 3 dead, 241 recovered. 43 people are hospitalized in intensive care (-1).

This is the distribution of the new infected by province: 42 in Palermo, 41 in Catania, 24 in Messina, 17 in Caltanissetta, 14 in Syracuse, 13 in Trapani, 4 in Ragusa, 1 in Enna, 0 in Agrigento.

In all of Italy there are 65 deaths from Covid (yesterday there were 51). The new positives are 1,273, down from yesterday’s 2,275. The tests carried out are 84,567 (yesterday 149,958), the positivity rate is 1.5%, the same as yesterday.

In total, the cases since the beginning of the epidemic are 4,233,698, the deaths 126,588. The discharged and healed are 3,918,657, with an increase of 5,024 compared to yesterday, while the currently positive drop to 188,453, down by 3,819 in the last 24 hours.

There are 759 patients admitted to intensive care, with a decrease of 15 compared to yesterday in the daily balance between entries and exits. The daily admissions were 25 (yesterday they were 20). The hospitalized with symptoms in the ordinary wards are 4,910, down by 283 units compared to yesterday (when the drop was 230). There are 182,784 people in home isolation, down 3,751 compared to yesterday.





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