Covid patients hospitalized in Varese drop below one hundred

Patients hospitalized for Covid in the territory of the ASST Sette Laghi have fallen below the symbolic threshold of one hundred. In the morning of Monday 7 they were in fact 90 hospitalized, mainly at the hospital in Circle of Varese.

Currently, 16 places remain in the infectious diseases department (of which 5 are actually occupied), the entire pneumology department of the monobloc (46 seats, of which 32 are occupied) and the Covid hub, which has 20 seats, 10 of which are currently actually occupied . Of the intensive care units, only one is still Covid, with a dozen places available of which only 8 are occupied today.

A situation completely reversed compared to the November data, when the second wave hit Varese hard and in the hospital two thirds of the places were occupied by Sars-Cov-2 patients. In fact, in November out of 1000 beds, 650 were Covid, and so 4 out of 6 intensive care rooms, while in the day today 684 non-Covid patients are hospitalized, against 90 covid. There are 4 patients ventilated with CPAP today, while more than 100 in November.

Access to the emergency room is also returning to normal: at the Circolo hospital the amount of daily accesses is returning to pre-Covid levels – with numbers ranging from 140 to 180 accesses per day and a peak on May 31, when accesses were 178 – but Covid accesses have been well below ten every day for the whole week.

In all, 5324 covid patients admitted to the ASST Sette Laghi facilities since the second wave were 5324.


The hospitals that welcome Covid admissions are now limited to the city of Varese: the principals of Angera, Cittiglio e Luino, mentre a Tradate there is still a Covid observation area, but there are no more inpatient places.

The speech of thePonte hospital, where a covid section in pediatrics is still prepared with six places (currently only one occupied by a positive child) and one for mothers, with 14 places for women with positive swabs (only two of which are currently occupied) and a cot always ready for premature babies, in the case of a baby born from a positive mother, currently empty.

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