“My dad in hell covid and his return thanks to the Moscati doctors”

“My dad in hell covid and his return thanks to the Moscati doctors”
“My dad in hell covid and his return thanks to the Moscati doctors”

It is a message of hope, a true story with a happy ending that told by Maria Giovanna De Venezia, 33, ended up in the hell of covid with her family and from whom she fortunately managed to trace. Maria Giovanna never would have imagined living the experience of pandemic in first person. They were all infected in the house. In early April the nightmare began for the family of Atripalda, after positivity ascertained by a colleague of his father Sabino, 61 years old.

Pope immediately decided to do the buffer. Once we had the answer we knew that it was positive and we immediately proceeded to make checks and investigations too. Since then our hell, our personal ordeal has begun“. As he tells his story, the voice of Maria Giovanna trembles, remembering their long weeks of suffering. “I remember it like it was yesterday. On April 10, dad started developing i symptoms more atrocious than infection with coronavirus – says Maria Giovanna -. There air hunger, the saturation which suddenly dropped, dropping below 90. Levels of red alert and so on April 14 it was necessary to transfer to the emergency room at the Moscati. “Since that day my family has literally descended into a hell of suffering, fear, anxiety, terror. “Only thanks to the doctors, health, nurses and operators of the Resuscitation-Moscati Covid Area, guided by the doctor Angelo Storti, we managed to overcome the emergency. I will never forget what they all did together: the Moscati resuscitation doctors literally saved my dad’s life. It is impossible to describe what it means to see a loved one suffer from the coronavirus. I remember my father’s last days at home – he says -. The doctors, who have always kept us informed of every progress made by dad and also of every critical phase, explained to us that he was in such pain that he did not even have the strength to complain “. The story of Maria Giovanna brings to mind many stories and pains of many families struggling with the pandemic, her most cruel face.

“From April 14 the tragic sequence of emergency care for my dad began – he explains -. On April 17 they tried to cure him by assisting him with goggles and helmet. A drama. We are distant and isolated, he alone in the hospital. We understood that the situation was progressively and rapidly worsening. Then they informed us that Dad was to be put into a drug coma and intubated. My father was not there until May 5th. I can’t describe how you can live in a similar situation, knowing that the dearest person in the world is there, is alive, but in reality it is as if he were not there because he is unconscious. The worst part is that you cannot assist your loved one. The staff of psychologists assisted him and us, in an incredible way “.

Fortunately, the story of Sabino is a story with a happy ending. The day before his birthday, May 4th, Sabino was extubated. A few days ago completely healed from covid he was transferred to a rehabilitation therapy facility.

“I would like to thank one by one all the dozens of people who have assisted my father in silence and with great professionalism. It is an army of people who have always allowed us to know and have detailed information on his condition. An incredible team. Now we wait after almost two months to finally be able to hug him back at our home. But I invite everyone to live this summer with conscience and a sense of responsibility so that the pandemic can finally end and no one has to experience such suffering anymore ”.

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