Ciociaria, Covid, no victims in Ciociaria. The positives are 11

Ciociaria, Covid, no victims in Ciociaria. The positives are 11
Ciociaria, Covid, no victims in Ciociaria. The positives are 11

11 new positives out of a total of 308 swabs. 29 negativized and no victims. These are the data on the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ciociaria made known in the usual bulletin of the Asl of Frosinone.

Virus statistics in sharp decline in the province and throughout the region. Yesterday in Ciociaria just two positives and no deaths, numbers from the white zone.

The situation in the municipalities
Fiuggi records the highest number of new cases in the province with 6 more positives. Two in Anagni. Only one case in the municipalities of Ceprano, Collepardo and Frosinone.

“Young people push the anti-Covid vaccination campaign”

FROM?? It was a record weekend for administrations, thus reaching 255,000 vaccinated in the province of Frosinone. This is what the ASL of Frosinone writes in a note.

The change of pace was clear and decisive. We started by protecting the most fragile subjects according to a precise time schedule, now we aim to reach the largest audience of young people in the most correct times from the health point of view to make them safe before the start of the new school year, avoiding that younger people become an excellent source of diffusion and therefore of contagion.

Vaccination for boys and girls could become the turning point in the path of the pandemic. If vaccines were the real turning point in the fight against Covid, their administration to young people coincides with a further acceleration.

Without considering that immunizing girls and boys will allow them to go back to school in the presence, with the undoubted benefits in terms of sociability and training. We start with pediatric vaccines, this afternoon the organization with the unions of pediatricians of free choice closes.

Meanwhile, the virus has hit a family of 6, recording 11 positives, one of which in Rome but assisted by ASL. We will never tire of saying that attention must be maximum.


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