“What a joke, at the Civico only crumbs and at Villa Sofia-Cervello”

“What a joke, at the Civico only crumbs and at Villa Sofia-Cervello”
“What a joke, at the Civico only crumbs and at Villa Sofia-Cervello”

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07 June 2021 14:00

“Todos caballeros the health workers of the Civic, prizes for everyone even for those who have not been in the trenches against Covid, and so the famous one thousand euros in paychecks have also dropped to 165 euros”. This was denounced by the Nursind Palermo union which reports an enlargement of the number of beneficiaries, who had been divided into three groups, “in a very questionable way, also because it is obvious that in some of these operating units well-known trade unionists of the company work. The implication was that the employees were assigned € 810 for the A bracket, € 490 for the C bracket, 165 €.

On the other hand, no economic benefits were paid to Villa Sofia-Cervello due to the failure to appoint a member of the board of auditors. For this reason, tomorrow morning from 10 the unions Nursind, Fials, Nursing Up and Uil Fpl will demonstrate in piazza Ottavio Ziino in Palermo.

In contrast to the Civic the Nursind explains that resolution 707 provided that in the pay slip of May 2021 the famous 1000 euros were assigned for the covid 19 incentive. However, disappointment and anger took over when it emerged in its entirety. ‘trade union agreement, which Nursind did not sign, between the majority unions with the Arnas General Management. Compared to the original agreement in the department, this agreement has in fact enlarged the audience and moved some departments to the high end. What criteria was followed for this extension? Was merit awarded? Or union membership? “. The Nursind explains that “all the staff, from the administrative staff to the general manager, have done their utmost to contain and spread the virus, but this agreement has greatly humiliated those who have actually been on the front line to fight this pandemic, sometimes even with their bare hands. , especially in the early period when there were no safety devices, other than heroes. Separate chapter for all precarious personnel, freelancers, co.co.co, Pip, all invisible for which not even a penny has been provided “.


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