Covid, Cartabellotta: “New legislation on the white zone discourages tracking. There is ‘conflict of indifference’ of the Regions to search for viruses “

“A strange thing is happening but inevitably expected, because the legislation that establishes the new criteria for the white zone creates a ‘conflict of disinterest’ towards tracking, since for the Regions finding more cases means the risk of losing the white zone“. He reveals it to de microphones “Italy wakes up” (Radio Cusano Campus) the president of the Foundation Gimbe, Nino Cartabellotta, who explains: “This legislation provides that for 3 consecutive weeks it is necessary to have an incidence of less than 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. But there is, in fact, a paradox, because finding more cases clearly risks not conquering or losing the white zone, which is why we asked for a corrective which, on the one hand, allows the Regions not to lose the white zone and, on the other, does not discourage them from resuming tracking. The numbers of new cases are in sharp decline. For this reason, tracing can and must be resumed”.

Cartabellotta emphasizes the effectiveness of vaccines and pronounces on over 60 not yet vaccinated: “After 35 days we have an 80% reduction in infection, 90% risk of hospitalization and 95% risk of death. Compared to these data, which come from the real world and not from clinical studies, any perplexity has no reason to exist, especially on the part of that band of over 60, of which a quarter is not yet vaccinated. They should all rush to get vaccinated. To date, we have 2 million and 96 thousand people in the 60-69 age group who have not yet received a dose. It is likely that they are people who are doubtful about the vaccine – gloss – I do not think they do not book because they have IT difficulties and do not have grandchildren or family members to help them as a success for the over 80s. I am reasonably certain that most of these over 60s belong to the ‘ni-vax’, that is, people with doubts and perplexities. For this reason, I reiterate that the best strategy is that of the active call, given that the voluntary booking system is not giving the desired outcome “.

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