from 0 to 20 infections in a few days

07 June 2021 10:38

The covid-19 pandemic situation within the municipality of Caspoggio, in Valmalenco, is getting worse. “Unfortunately, even if in the vaccine phase, we are sorry to report a clear recovery of the positives due to an outbreak but also to different situations. See you tonight (Sunday 6 June 2021, ed) we are more than 20. We were at 0 a few days ago ». It is the communication issued by the municipal administration through its social channels.

According to the statistics of the Lombardy Region, as a percentage, the Malenco municipality, to date, is the one with the most cases in the province of Sondrio since the beginning of the pandemic in February 2020. A total of 209 cases of coronavirus positivity recorded in Caspoggio (they are 1362 total inhabitants according to the latest Istat updates). As a percentage, therefore, 15.21% of the Caspoggini contracted covid-19: almost double that of the inhabitants of Sondrio, just to give an example.

The data of the infection in the province of Sondrio – 6 June 2021 (source: Lombardy Region)

«It is important to collaborate, not to be easy-going, and to stick to the rules as always. We are all tired but we would not like to reach the numbers of the past months, with both physical (pre-eminent) and economic stress effects. We are at an important percentage of vaccines but we must commit to book as established by the Lombardy Region and ATS della Montagna to get out of this pandemic. We recommend and soon we will be more relaxed »added the municipal administration led by the mayor Danilo Bruseghini.


  • Contagion data of the Province of Sondrio Covid 6 June 2021-2
    Contagion data of the Province of Sondrio Covid 6 June 2021-2


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