From plants, the new anti covid-19 vaccine is being studied in the Friuli Innovazione Science Park

From plants, the new anti covid-19 vaccine is being studied in the Friuli Innovazione Science Park
From plants, the new anti covid-19 vaccine is being studied in the Friuli Innovazione Science Park

The next Covid-19 vaccine could come from plants. The biotech company Transactive, of the Friuli Innovazione Science Park, is developing a prototype, potentially active on all coronaviruses, starting from the construction of a “viral-like particle” containing structural peptide sequences of Covid-19. At the moment, experimentation on an animal model has been started. To enhance its study, research and production work, the healthcare company that has created and patented sustainable technologies of Plant Molecular Farming, has launched a fundraising on CrowdFundMe, the only Crowdinvesting platform (Equity Crowdfunding, Real Estate Crowdfunding and Private Debt) listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

Transactiva is an innovative SME operating in biotech, specialized in the use of plants and plant tissues as bioreactors for the production of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of rare diseases, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. Her research led her to create a series of patents for the production of monoclonal antibodies and enzymes for therapeutics on rice seed. This innovative technology has enabled Transactiva to develop a human monoclonal antibody (currently in TRL 5 phase), for the treatment of rare skin diseases and Crohn’s disease. The tests performed have demonstrated the perfection of the structure, the in vitro activity and the efficacy of the product compared to analogues on the market, but made with traditional fermenters. Currently Transactiva has the production capacity to meet the needs of about 200,000 patients suffering from a group of rare dermatological diseases.

The technology patented by the company allows to reduce production costs, obtain a high production intensity and reuse waste, with a view to a circular economy that allows the production of biopharmaceuticals at very competitive prices: the production cost of 1 kg of API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) “Transactiva” is about 10-20 times lower than the current ones (67-81k vs 650-1.400k €).

The biotech, composed of a staff of researchers with absolute experience in the fields of molecular biology and medicine, is part of a network of scientific and industrial partners such as the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste, the Research Institute and Scientific care San Gallicano in Rome, the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of the Area Science Park in Trieste, the Department of Biomedicine and Prevention of the University of Tor Vergata Rome, also collaborates with the industrial holding Biovalley Investments Partner.

The funds raised on the CrowdFundMe platform, which aim at a first goal of 400 thousand euros, will be used to complete the preclinical development of the “Transactiva” monoclonal antibody, in particular they will be directed to cover the costs for the production and maintenance of the Master Seed Bank, complete the study on the animal model, support the regulatory process, maintain patents and hire new staff.

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