Taiwan, the American vaccines and the arrows in Beijing

Taiwan, the American vaccines and the arrows in Beijing
Taiwan, the American vaccines and the arrows in Beijing

TAIPEI – The last round of the interminable “Risk” between China and the United States is faced with eyes on Taiwan. The small island state is grappling with a sudden increase in cases of coronavirus infection, which started suddenly in mid-May, after fifteen months of total, or almost complete tranquility.

Taiwan has so far only vaccinated a small fraction of its inhabitants. The United States thought about it in the past few hours, when a delegation of senators arrived aboard a C-17 of the stars and stripes military air forces – a gesture, in all probability, already sufficient to make people nervous in Beijing – donated 750,000 doses of the anti-Covid vaccine to the authorities.

A “godsend” for Taipei, which has increased the dose in the direction of mainland China, making no secret of the obstacles that hinder the importation of vaccines on the island. “We do our best, but we have to overcome several obstacles to ensure that these life-saving medicines can be transported without difficulty from Beijing. Taiwan is no stranger to this kind of obstruction, ”Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said.

The Beijing version
From Beijing, however, they tell a different story. Just a few days ago, the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, had spoken explicitly of “political calculations” by the Taiwanese authorities, ready to “close their eyes to the good intentions of” mainland China. “There has recently been great demand from the Taiwan region for access to vaccines. Some institutions had even announced the arrival of vaccine donations. And this shows that Taiwanese people trust our vaccines. For our part, we have said that we are ready on several occasions to help our compatriots fight the virus ». Instead, added Wenbin, pointing his finger at the Democratic Progressive Party – which holds the majority of the legislative Yuan -, “rumors and slander have been used to block vaccine deliveries” to the island.

And returning to the present, the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, during a briefing, today expressed Beijing’s total opposition to the visit of the American senators, formally asking Washington not to interfere and to avoid sending misleading signals to the forces. Taiwanese secessionists.



Taiwan American vaccines arrows Beijing

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