The importance of being Azeglio and its consequences

The importance of being Azeglio and its consequences
The importance of being Azeglio and its consequences

of Katia Regina

Being responsible for the text that will be engraved on a marble plaque and having the arrogance of those who are convinced they cannot make mistakes. Or worse he sighed (he does not want to do it) to go and check, check how to spell a person’s name correctly. Which of the two hypotheses is worse I don’t know: in both cases a disciplinary measure is legitimate. And it seems that it was taken for the employee of the Municipality of Rome who had the plaque in memory of Carlo Azeglio Ciampi engraved without the “g”. We all saw the embarrassing mess during the uncovering ceremony of the offending license plate. To fall into ridicule, those who should have invented an excuse to avoid showing the damage during the ceremony thought about it. They have not even managed to come up with something more credible than the chipping, but the ingenuity was to spread a transparent rather than merciful veil on the plaque that hinted at the error.

Come on, how many stories! Anyone can make a mistake … No, I’m sorry, I disagree. Here we are not talking about applying the refined labor limae of the poetic Ars of Horace’s memory. It would have been enough to look for the name on the net for pure scruple, in the awareness of the fallibility that everyone involves. Here, the lack of scruples is the key to reading that should make us reflect on the entire system that calls us to assume our responsibilities, in all professional areas. Just imagine a lightness on the part of a doctor! And please don’t call it typo, that’s another story, I already talked about it a few years ago.

Of course, even that name, it must be admitted, lends itself to the trap, but precisely because it is not a very common name, the lack of verification becomes a further aggravating circumstance. I wonder when we will begin to think seriously about the usefulness of the second name, compound name, double name … which has complicated so many lives and in some cases even destroyed, invalidating signatures on very important documents. But that’s another story.

Long live those involved in editing, therefore, and those who have the humility to make use of it.

Tips for reading: all books from publishing houses that do not neglect this aspect before giving a manuscript to print. Because you only write well after reading well-written books. As with music … it takes an ear.


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