Covid vaccine companies in the Marche region, the plan has failed – Chronicle

Covid vaccine companies in the Marche region, the plan has failed – Chronicle
Covid vaccine companies in the Marche region, the plan has failed – Chronicle

Ancona, 7 June 2021- Filippo Saltamartini he answers the phone even on Sunday: “Hello, please, I’m here”

Councilor, vaccinations?
“We are among the first in Italy for the percentage of administration. We travel around 90 percent between doses received and those administered and I know for sure that Emilia Romagna is behind us”.

How to shift the second dose. Numbers to call and apps to use – Vaccine, questions and answers. The guide for the Marche

But in the meantime, from 7 June (today ed.) Romagna will vaccinate tourism staff as requested by hoteliers. The Marche no.
“No? Who said that? If it were up to me they would already be vaccinated, the problem is that the hoteliers, the industrialists, the artisans, have withdrawn from the vaccination campaign. first of all ed), the others said that their employees will get vaccinated following the normal public shifts. I sent a letter to all the associations a few days ago to urge them to give an answer on the number of employees they would like to vaccinate, where and with which means. I have not received any answers. “

But do you already have the vaccines ready for the tourism staff?
“Sure: we have 20 thousand Pfizer vaccines. If tomorrow morning the mayor of Gabicce or any other municipality asked me for vaccines for a particular professional category that we consider a priority such as tourism, I would immediately send the load with the syringes”.

But who has to think about getting the injection?
“The professional categories, not us. If they want to get vaccinated they have to set up a facility with a doctor who takes responsibility for the screening and professional nurses who provide vaccination. The costs are borne by the companies.”

Is that why they backed out?
“It’s likely, but I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised that some doctors can take up to 50 euros per person to be vaccinated and this may have cooled the enthusiasm of companies. Or there is a second hypothesis: industrialists have seen the efficiency of the health facility and they realized they could not do better “.

Speaking of efficiency, leaving the covid aside, citizens continue to be postponed visits, checks, radiological examinations in favor of immediate but paid visits and examinations. Is it still public health or just private? Is he doing something to change things?
“I asked for a report on what is happening, starting with the cases that have appeared in his newspapers with the protests of the people. They tell me that if the request is not urgent, it will slide forward. But I await clarification”.

And those thousands of people from the Marche who go for treatment in public hospitals in other regions, wondered why this happens?
“I’ve seen the expenses: 35 million euros a year for cancer surgery and 40 million for minor traumatology, such as a broken wrist or something like that”.

Is this normal, in your opinion?
“I don’t think so, they are enormous costs. The hospitals in the Marche are up to guaranteeing these interventions. We need to understand what happens.”

When will he know?
“I hope soon”

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