Drama in Varazze: the cook “Samir” dies of Covid after the second dose of Pfizer

Drama in Varazze: the cook “Samir” dies of Covid after the second dose of Pfizer
Drama in Varazze: the cook “Samir” dies of Covid after the second dose of Pfizer

Varazze. Despite being vaccinated with the second dose of Pfizer, after just 5 days he got a fever and then was hospitalized, where – tested positive for coronavirus – yesterday (Saturday 5 June) he died from Covid-19.

Another bad news for Liguria, after the hospitalization of an 18-year-old in neurosurgery at San Martino, following the AstraZeneca vaccine. This time to be the protagonist of the dramatic story is a 72 year old from Varazze, Mohamed Mohamad Mohamud, known by all as “Samir”.

He too, like millions of Italians, had decided to trust in the vaccine to be able to fight Covid-19 and to be able to hope, in case of positivity, not to end up in hospital (or worse). Unfortunately, however, this did not happen.

In fact, Samir received the second dose of the American vaccine the May 12, but a little less than a week later he started having the temperature. Turning to the attending physician, he was prescribed the antibiotic, “as if it were a simple sinusitis”, they say from the family. But his conditions have not improved, quite the contrary about ten days later (May 23), Samir was hospitalized for Covid in intensive care at San Paolo di Savona and then transferred to intensive care.

Intubated and in precarious conditions, the 72-year-old was unable to defeat the virus (he probably became infected in the weeks between the two doses) and yesterday morning he died, “Alone in a hospital bed”.

Exquisite person and hard worker, friends tell. A well-known figure in the eastern Savona where he worked for years as cook, as well as his wife.

Coming from Egypt in the 70s, looking for a better future, Samir learned the art of cooking at the Cavetto restaurant in Varazze, welcomed by the Miretti family. He then worked in several hotels, in the last 20 years in Celle Ligure, before retiring. Known to all the bus drivers who cross the route every day, the means with which he always went to work.

A positive example of those who, with work and effort, managed to arrive in our country and change their lives. An Italian citizen in all respects, Samir built his family right in the Savona area, in fact two children were born from the marriage.

“The whole Solaro village of Varazze will miss you”, comments sad and embittered the friend Elisabetta Cazzolla “a relative even without blood ties”.

The funeral will take place on Tuesday 8 June at 10 am at the Varazze cemetery with a Muslim rite.

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