High impact “Movida”: joint checks in San Lorenzo and in the Salario-Parioli area

High impact “Movida”: joint checks in San Lorenzo and in the Salario-Parioli area
High impact “Movida”: joint checks in San Lorenzo and in the Salario-Parioli area

Also for the areas of San Lorenzo, and Salario Parioli, where there is a high concentration of young club-goers, acknowledging the decisions taken in the Committee for Public Order and Safety, held in the Prefecture, with the Order of the Quaestor the intensification of the prevention and control services of the territory aimed at avoiding, intercepting and, in any case, at sanctioning any illegal behavior, and at dissolving gatherings in contrast with the legislation for the containment of the spread of Covid-19 was ordered .

As part of the inter-force services, the staff of the Carabinieri proceeded to arrest a person for resistance and injuries to a Public Official, while the agents of the San Lorenzo Commissioner, headed by Giuseppe Rubino, denounced an Italian citizen for violation of an Urban Daspo.

Furthermore, during the service the agents found 3 violations of the Highway Code, 10 citizens sanctioned for violating anti-covid regulations and controlled 3 commercial activities.

The agents of the II Parioli Salary District, directed by Angela Cannavale, assisted by the staff of the Lazio Crime Department, together with other crews of the local police stations, during the checks carried out, raised 11 violations for the administration of alcoholic substances to minors, of which two penalties for under sixteen.

Therefore, the positions of the premises in Via Nizza that have violated the legislation on the administration of alcohol to minors are being examined. In fact, any measures to suspend the license may be adopted by the Questore.

The specific services prepared by the Police Headquarters, according to new operating schemes, will continue in the coming days.

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