Vaccine, how safe it is to go on vacation with just one dose

Vaccine, how safe it is to go on vacation with just one dose
Vaccine, how safe it is to go on vacation with just one dose

June was defined by the coronavirus emergency commissioner, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, the month of the “shoulder“. The reference is to an acceleration of piano vaccine, with the aim of reaching as many people as possible, especially between the ages of 16 and 35. The problem, not secondary, is the coincidence of the period in which the Italians go to holiday. This gives rise to various doubts, logistical but also related to safety: how safe it is to go on vacation with a single dose of vaccine?

Vaccine, how safe it is to go on vacation with just one dose

A study published in the journal Lancet showed that a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine is not very effective against variant indiana. The research was coordinated by the Francis Crick Institute and attests, among other things, that the level of antibodies becomes lower with increasing age and tends to decrease over time.

The researchers measured the level of antibodies and their effect on the main variants of the coronavirus in 250 individuals between the ages of 33 and 52: some had received only one dose of Pfizer and it is especially in these people that the antibody response against the new strain is it turned out to be minor.

Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, however, explained that the British study should be contextualized because in England at the moment there is an increase in cases linked to the Indian variant and the effect of vaccine coverage could be was limited by the decision to give everyone a single dose of the vaccine. According to Bassetti, in essence, the growth of infections in the Kingdom United it could have happened between the first dose and the booster.

The latest report from the Higher Institute of Health, in fact, indicates that after the first two weeks, and up to about 35 days from the administration of the first dose, the risks of infection, subsequent hospitalization and death decrease rapidly. After 35 days it was observed that a stabilization of this reduction which is approximately80% for the risk of diagnosis, del 90% for the risk of hospitalization and admission to intensive care and del 95% for the risk of death.

Vaccine for foreigners on holiday in Italy? The position of the government

One of the aspects to be taken into account is the arrival of foreigners in Italy for the summer holidays. The Minister of Tourism, Maximum Garavaglia, explained that Covid caused losses for last year 27 billions of euro due to the industry. The green pass European will become operational from 1 July and Garavaglia said he was in favor of the second vaccination dose “for foreign tourists who come to Italy or for Italians who travel for a particularly long period”, provided that these are exceptions.

The word could belong to the individual Regions, which “will know how to organize themselves, a roof will be put up, it is a matter of common sense, but not putting this service if others provide it means that you have an inferior service. Of course, if it becomes a rule it becomes a chaos“, Stressed the minister.

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