Junior Open Day sold out in Rieti, doubled doses. Vaccini Lazio, yesterday record of 65 thousand doses

Junior Open Day sold out in Rieti, doubled doses. Vaccini Lazio, yesterday record of 65 thousand doses
Junior Open Day sold out in Rieti, doubled doses. Vaccini Lazio, yesterday record of 65 thousand doses

The vaccination campaign in Lazio continues without arrests. Numbers in hand, the desire to return to a pre-Covid normality is getting stronger and more and more people who decide to get vaccinated. “Yesterday, Saturday 5 June, 64767 doses were administered throughout Lazio. This is the highest daily dose recorded since the start of the vaccination campaign». This was announced in a note by the Covid Crisis Unit of the Lazio Region. Meanwhile, the health management of Spallanzani, has made it known that there are 62 hospitalized patients positive for the swab. Ten are in ICU. To date, 2772 patients have been discharged or transferred home or to other facilities.

Vaccines at 600,000 doses in 24 hours, in Lazio an open day for 12-year-olds

The first Junior open day in Rieti

Important figures, which bring a new wave of positivity among citizens. For this reason, the open days (i.e. the days in which it is possible to vaccinate without age limit or category) in Lazio are increasing, also open to the youngest. Rieti will be the first city destined to experiment with vaccines on adolescents: the Rieti Junior open day will begin today with 120 12-year-old candidates (as many as the doses). A test bench in which Rieti will lead the way in the vaccination of Lazio’s children where the targeted campaign will start on June 15 with reservations reserved for the age group 12-16 years (born 2009-2005) upon reservation by the pediatrician or doctor by which he is assisted. But even before that, from 6 to 13 June, in Lazio it will be the turn of reservations for the age groups ranging from 39 to 17 years. A test going very well given the requests. «Given the great adhesion we have doubled the number of doses for today’s initiative. At the moment there are about 200 children who will be vaccinated ». This was explained by Emma Giordani, head of the vaccination campaign for the ASL of Rieti, regarding the Junior Open day for the 12-16 year-olds group underway in Rieti. “The operations are taking place regularly – he adds – we delivered the numbers with double matrix dividing into groups of 20 children per hour to ensure the vaccination process for about 200 people”

Vaccinations in Italy

Record numbers, not only in Lazio, but throughout the peninsula. On Friday, Italy crossed the threshold of 600,000 administrations in 24 hours. A huge and significant fact: in just one day more than 1% of the entire Italian population was protected. Figures supported by the massive doses that continue to arrive from all vaccine manufacturers, and if this continues the trend could soon be exceeded even the 700,000 quota as companies will also take the field to immunize all employees. What is certain is that as of yesterday there were almost 13 million Italians who were immunized, so that they had done either two doses or the Johnson & Johnson single-dose.


Junior Open Day sold Rieti doubled doses Vaccini Lazio yesterday record thousand doses

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