Coronavirus: today’s data in the Rome 4 Asl

Coronavirus: today’s data in the Rome 4 Asl
Coronavirus: today’s data in the Rome 4 Asl

There are 4 positive cases found in the territory of Asl Roma 4:

1 Capena
1 Fiano
1 Ladispoli
1 Nazzano

There is 1 death

19 people healed

1 Capena
1 Castelnuovo
4 Fiano
1 Filacciano
3 Formello
2 Ladispoli
1 Riano
2 Rignano
1 Santa Marinella
1 Trevignano

18069 have healed since the beginning of the epidemic
All health personnel are periodically subjected to a control swab.

In the last 24 hours, 140 rapid swabs and 99 molecular swabs were performed

The overall total by municipalities is shown below: (only the municipalities in the area that currently have positive cases are shown)

Alumnier: 1

Anguillara: 6

Bracciano: 3

Campagnano: 10

Channel: 3

Capena: 4

Castelnuovo di Porto: 8

Cerveteri: 18

Civitavecchia: 49

Civitella San Paolo: 2

Fiano: 13

Lint: 2

Formello: 7

Ladispoli: 18

Manziana: 5

Mazzano: 1

Morlupo: 6

Nazzano: 1

Riano: 4

Rignano: 7

Sacrofano: 4

Sant’Oreste: 1

Santa Marinella: 8

Trevignano: 6

Positive are to be added communicated by external laboratories in the following municipalities:

Anguillara, Ladispoli, Rignano, Santa Marinella.

Positive displaced from the following municipalities are to be subtracted:

Castelnuovo di Porto

It should be noted that the total of the municipalities is not counted solely by adding or subtracting the data reported in the first part of the press release (positive and cured of the last 24 h) but subject to numerous variables (data detected by contact tracing, data communicated by Mmg , data communicated by pharmacies, data communicated by hospitals outside the company territory, etc.)

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