curfew at midnight from 7 June

curfew at midnight from 7 June
curfew at midnight from 7 June

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06 June 2021 11:13

Also in the province of Latina as in the rest of Lazio from on Monday 7 June the curfew will start at midnight and no longer at 11 pm. If in the regions that are in the white zone there is no curfew, for those that are still in yellow, in fact, it is necessary to wait until 21 June for the abolition of the traffic ban for people night, based on the provisions of the decree law of 18 May.

White area to which Lazio aims with the transition that could take place on Monday 14 June with a further relaxation of the measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. According to the updates that emerged from the latest weekly monitoring, the Rt index is at 0.66 and the incidence is 35 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants; the latter value that if confirmed also in the next week, the third consecutive, could mean the landing in the white band for Lazio. “Incidence and Rt are from the white zone” reiterated the regional councilor for health Alessio D’Amato, commenting on the data from the latest bulletin yesterday.

An important date, therefore, that of June 14, also for the citizens of the province of Latina by virtue of the less strict rules for this band. If in the yellow zone there is still a curfew, as mentioned, in the white zone the curfew is abolished immediately with the possibility of moving without time limits. Hours that are also free for public places. The new rules also provide that in the white outdoor area there are no limits of people at the tables (between which there must still be a distance of one meter), while in bars and restaurants indoors, a maximum of six people can sit at the same table. unless they are all living together. It should be remembered that the rules for the use of the mask and spacing remain.


curfew midnight June

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