New Covid shopping bonus for families: requirements, application and when it arrives

New Covid shopping bonus for families: requirements, application and when it arrives
New Covid shopping bonus for families: requirements, application and when it arrives

On 25 May 2021 was published in the Official Journal on Sostegni bis decree, which among other measures renewed the funding of 500 million euros to help families in need. The sum is intended for the municipalities, so that they distribute good expense e help per rentals e bills. Others 135 million euros they were destined for summer camps and other educational initiatives between 1 June and the end of the year. In addition, the Emergency income until September 2021. But how can you get the Covid shopping bonus vouchers? Everything you need to know, from the requirements to apply for them to the submission of the application.

New Covid 500 euro spending bonus for families: requirements, application and when it arrives

The Sostegni bis decree provides that within 30 days of its entry into force a fund of 500 million euros, to be allocated to Municipalities, for food shopping vouchers and for the payment of rents and household utilities of families in difficulty. These measures are contained in article 53 of the definitive text.

Each citizen will be able to submit an application to receive aid: the Municipality will then decide whether to grant the bonus or not, by cross-referencing the application with the data in its possession related to the income of the family. Each Municipality will decide on the modalities both for submitting the application and for disbursement.

For example, the Municipality of Roma launched the initiative together with the Italian Post Office for the distribution of Rome Shopping Card, in fact a new card PostePay for the crediting of vouchers. The mayor, Virginia Rays, reported that it aims to deliver it to 50 thousand families of the capital. TO Milano, on the other hand, the contributions range from 300 euro (families of up to three people) ai 700 euro (if more numerous), also here provided through PostePay: it is 12 thousand beneficiaries.

New Covid 500 euro spending bonus for families: how they will be divided

Article 53 of the Sostegni bis decree states that the fund of 500 million euros, foreseen for the year 2021, must be divided among the Municipalities within 30 days from the date of entry into force of the decree itself. The 500 million euros are divided as follows:

  • 250 million euros are distributed in proportion to population resident of each municipality;
  • 250 million euros are divided according to the distance between the value of income pro understand of each municipality and the national average value, weighted by the respective population. The calculation was made based on the municipal income values ​​for the 2018 tax year, published by the Department of Finance of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (at this address).

The decree states that the contribution assigned to each municipality cannot in any case be less than 600 euro. Furthermore, it is foreseen that the 250 million euros distributed in proportion to the resident population can be reduced to municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.


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