“Why don’t states respect it?”

“Why don’t states respect it?”
“Why don’t states respect it?”

The theme gets to the heart vaccines and the freedom related to it. Already a first topic of discussion arose when the Government, by decree, imposed inoculation on health personnel throughout Italy. Immediately after, the vaccination passport arrived, introduced in the form of a green certificate in our country that allows movements and actions of a certain type only to a certain segment of the population. The same one who opted for the “saving” sting. In this sense, the arrival, expected in the coming weeks, of the Digital green certificate of the European Union will complicate matters even more.

This series of events could be just the beginning of other provisions that will lead the population to choose the vaccine as the only possible alternative. Yet there were those who, in the very first bars of the vaccination campaign, recommended to the states to “Inform citizens that vaccination is not compulsory and that no one must be vaccinated if they do not want to” and admonished the same for “Guarantee that no one will be discriminated against if they are not vaccinated”. This is what emerges from the resolution 2361 of the Council of Europe entitled “Covid-19 vaccines: ethical, legal and practical considerations”.

He talked about it live Fabio Duranti, who spoke with the lawyer Renate Holzeisen and Dr. Andrea Stramezzi. Here is his comment on A Special Day, with Francesco Vergovich.


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