Covid Marche vaccine: questions and answers at the last sprint. The guide for the Marche

Covid Marche vaccine: questions and answers at the last sprint. The guide for the Marche
Covid Marche vaccine: questions and answers at the last sprint. The guide for the Marche

Ancona, June 6, 2021 – “I’m 80,000 the Marches who booked a dose of vaccine in the 12-39 range at 6pm yesterday. We are approaching the fateful figure of 1 million bookings. And if the supplies continue to arrive regularly, by the end of this month-beginning of July, we will have as well 1 million people vaccinated in the Marche, compared to an audience of vaccinable subjects of about 1 million and 250 thousand citizens “. The comment is by the regional councilor for health Filippo Saltamartini who does not fail to underline other positive results of the vaccination campaign in the Marche region.

White zone: reached in Veneto. When in Emilia-Romagna and Marche

“We are always first in the national ranking efficiency in vaccination – says the councilor for health – which is not a ranking but an evaluation index of the commitment and results of thousands of health workers in the Marche. “In the meantime, the Region aims to start the patrol of two hundred enabled and “trained” pharmacies throughout the territory (via tomorrow ale reservations, punctures from 15 June).

Through pharmacies the Region want to carry about 15 thousand vaccinations a week. A quota of approximately two thousand inoculations per day when fully operational. To be added to the two thousand a day reached by general practitioners. In the meantime, the support capacities of manufacturing companies remain to be defined. “The Presidency Council of Confindustria Marche met the other evening and also took the opportunity to take stock of the vaccination campaign.

“The Council believes that it is no longer necessary – says Confindustria – the activation of the 30 vaccination hubs initially envisaged by the agreement. However, companies that deem it useful can make available to their collaborators in vaccination sites alternative to those organized by the Health Service “. in the meantime in the Marche, 98 positives were recorded in one day among the 1,615 new diagnoses (6.1%): 41 in the province of Macerata, 18 in the Ascoli area, nine in the province of Ancona, seven in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, seven in the Fermano area and 16 from outside the region. Another drop in hospitalizations for Covid-19, which went from 113 to 109. One less patient in intensive care (17) and in non-intensive care units (51), two fewer in semi-intensive care (41). Unfortunately two dead.

Change my mind: I’m 75 and I want to get vaccinated

“The opening of the vaccination campaign for the 70-79 age group is active in the Marche region. You who have rethought it can book on the post office portal activated by the Region which now welcomes every age group. Thinking about it can be totally positive “.

After Covid, ill in 2021: when is the sting?

From the guidelines: “If you have had Covid between 3 and 6 months ago you must only carry out one administration of vaccine. If you have had Covid from 0 to 3 months you must not have vaccinations yet. If you have had Covid nine months ago you must do both vaccine administrations “.

After Infection: Safe Dosing

“The ministerial guidelines reiterate that if the infection is more than nine months after recovery, it is possible to vaccinate with both administrations without risk for patients”. It is one of the reasons that limited vaccination in the over 80 group.

I have a 10-year-old son: what do I do?

“Vaccination is recommended for everyone, not only because you have a 10-year-old son, but for yourself and for your loved ones. For children under the age of twelve you have to wait for a new publication of the guidelines.” The prevailing idea
is to vaccinate everyone, including children.

I skipped the shift: now how do I recover?

“The vaccination slots remain open so you can still register even without canceling the reservation which in any case has expired and is no longer valid. Since the Region wants to vaccinate as much as possible, its being late does not prevent it.
the administration “.

From Monday 7 June: how can I book at the pharmacy?

“From tomorrow it will be possible to book directly in the authorized pharmacies. To obtain the date it will be necessary to call directly the pharmacies concerned of which the Marche will publish the list.
But even better is to go directly to the chosen location “.

Will my autistic child be vaccinated?

Councilor Saltamartini: “From tomorrow the Asur will activate the vaccination campaign for autistic children with administration in a reserved environment. It is a public service that we will relaunch from next week with great attention to young people with disabilities”.

Over 80s: how to recover 6 thousand without serum?

“The general practitioners have also been entrusted with the definition of the target of the elderly: over eighty years old and the age group from 70 to 79 years”, says the director of Health Lucia Di Furia who recalled the general practitioners ” to complete the age range “.

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