Gino Gozzi, from 144 days in hospital for Covid to the disc with the “table from …

Gino Gozzi, from 144 days in hospital for Covid to the disc with the “table from …
Gino Gozzi, from 144 days in hospital for Covid to the disc with the “table from …

Drummer of the Storyville Jazz Band


Gino Gozzi on the cover of the Storyville Jazz Band cd

“I was hospitalized 144 days due to Covid at the Pederzoli hospital in Peschiera. I owe my life to the doctors, nurses and operators of the pulmonology, intensive care and rehabilitation departments, highly professional figures who with their humanity went against everything in order to save me ». These are the words of Gino Gozzi, the drummer of the Storyville Jazz Band of Verona and that in the two months of rehabilitation after the drama that struck him and kept him intubated for a long time, he got back on his feet in a little hospital room and recorded, together with his inseparable fellow musicians, seven songs with the washboard, who have contributed to give life to the new album of the “band of friends” on an idea of ​​the director Marco Pasetto and of Renato Bonato.

The will of Gino Gozzi is extraordinary and it is exciting to see him recover his strength struggling with a particular percussion instrument, precisely the “washboard” which looks like a washing board and scratched properly produces a pleasant sound to mark the rhythm. Freshly released, recorded in May, the album is titled “Seven Traditional American Songs”: a series of songs typical of the American tradition which in addition to having a musical revival value represents the rebirth in the name of a great emotional and professional bond and mutual aid.

The pieces performed by Marco Pasetto on the clarinet, Renato Bonato on the banjo and Gino Gozzi on the “laundry table” are: In the upper garden, Lead me savior, It feels so good, Martha, Move the body over, Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, I shall not be moved, for a total of 27 minutes and 57 seconds. The cd is available on YouTube and Spotify.


Gino Gozzi days hospital Covid disc table

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