Covid, Sardinia towards the European green zone

Covid, Sardinia towards the European green zone
Covid, Sardinia towards the European green zone

Sardinia towards the European green zone. After passing in the white band, the Island, on the wave of always comforting Covid data, could get further recognition as of tomorrow as an area at minimum risk of contagion.

Ats commissioner Massimo Temussi confirmed this in an interview with Videolina, underlining that the green light of the ECDC, the EU body in charge of classification, would be “an optimal presentation for tourism” in view of the summer.

The numbers, as mentioned, remain reassuring. In the last update only 30 new cases, with a positive rate of 1.4%.

Moreover, to be recognized green areas, the regions must have an infection rate for 14 consecutive days of less than 25 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants (in the white area the ceiling is instead 50).

The main advantage is that in the green zone there is no restriction on the movement of people.

At the moment there are less than a dozen green Covid areas in Europe. These are Molise, Iceland, Malta, the areas of Oltenia and Moldova in Romania, those of Subcarpathia and Lublin in Romania and Lapland and the central areas of Finland.

Further details in the article by Michele Masala on L’Unione Sarda on newsstands

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