Covid, Toti: “Constant decline, gradual reopening of hospitals for visits”

Covid, Toti: “Constant decline, gradual reopening of hospitals for visits”
Covid, Toti: “Constant decline, gradual reopening of hospitals for visits”

“In Liguria the numbers of the incidence of the virus continue their descent: today, at the regional level, we register 15 cases out of 100 thousand inhabitants per week. The best data at the provincial level is that of Imperia, with 7. The province of Savona is at 16, that of La Spezia at 10 and the Metropolitan City of Genoa at 15 “.

The president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti takes stock of the Covid situation in our region, both in view of the white zone from next Monday and on the prospect of complete reopening of hospitals for visits.

“The situation in our hospitals continues to improve – adds Toti -: today the number of people admitted to hospital drops significantly, in total we are at 107, while the number of hospitalized in the average intensity alone is 80: a month ago there were 463. On the front of new infections, today the Asl 5 La Spezia records 0 new cases, while both the Asl1 Imperiese and the Asl4 Chiavari have only one case each, and in the Asl4 the number of hospitalized has been reduced to 1 “.

“In the meantime, the vaccination campaign continues, a decisive element for the improvement of the situation that allows us to arrive in the white zone from Monday – explains Toti – In the last 24 hours almost 10 thousand doses have been administered, and from yesterday evening at 11 pm reservations are open for the 35-39 range: at 6pm today, bookings made through the site were 8,731 “

“As for the reopening of hospitals for visits – Toti concludes – we are starting a reasoning with Alisa and with the Ministry of Health: there is still a lot of concern, not all the population is vaccinated, we are around 45% vaccinated with the first dose in Liguria, a little less nationally, and the clusters within hospitals did particularly badly ”.

“We will begin to reopen, with great prudence and graduality, during the month of June”.


Covid Toti Constant decline gradual reopening hospitals visits

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