Covid vaccine, will it be possible to move the recall? Between apps and call centers, the solutions of the regions-

Covid vaccine, will it be possible to move the recall? Between apps and call centers, the solutions of the regions-
Covid vaccine, will it be possible to move the recall? Between apps and call centers, the solutions of the regions-

ROMA – Perhaps the best solution has been found in Veneto. In order not to disturb the holidays of its citizens, mostly struggling with the nightmare of the recall, for days the Region governed by Luca Zaia has given the input to relax the administration in the highlight of the summer. That is, it will happen that in the two central weeks of August, in order not to force the Venetians to anticipate the return from vacation, the vaccination hubs will simply lower the pace. In short, even the vaccines will take a little break, waiting for the people of the second dose to return (hopefully very tanned).

e-Covid Sinfonia: at the top of the downloads

And Campania is also looking for alternative ways. An example? The most downloaded app of the moment in Italy is callede-Covid Symphony: At the top of the downloads, it has over 800,000 users and more than 3 million vaccination certificates displayed. It works a little from regional agenda for vaccine appointments: every day the app sends about 350 thousand notifications but a new function has recently been added, used especially by the youngest, which allows book for the Open Days. Currently not yet possible to use e-Covid Symphony to move their call in view of the holidays, but we are trying to understand how to organize ourselves, they say in the Region.

In Trentino, the date change is only for health reasons

Commissioner Figliuolo was clear: he asked the Regions for flexible booking procedures to prevent the recall from happening while on vacation. So, here it is already at the end of this month, for example in Lombardy come in Calabria, things could begin to simplify and all citizens will have the opportunity, by calling the call centers or clicking on the regional portals, of move the date of the second dose according to your needs. Currently, in Lombardy, there are only a few exceptions granted for health or work reasons: teachers, in case of exams and ballots, can contact the call center (800894545) and ask to change. And it works like that in Trentino: here at the moment only for health reasons and not for holidays you can call a toll-free number to have the call changed.

Covid vaccines: insights


Meanwhile, again in the name of the flexibility invoked by Figliuolo, the Piedmont Region has given the ASL input to meet the citizen by planning together the dates of the recalls already at the time of the first dose. A big hand in programming, certainly given by theelasticity of the range of vaccines themselves: recall within 42 days for Pfizer and Moderna, from 4 to 12 weeks for AstraZeneca. Thus, even in Emilia-Romagna and Puglia citizens can already have their wishes fulfilled by the regional Cup points: Of course – Chiosano in Bologna – one cannot think of changing the date a few seconds before the appointment!. There seems to be maximum availability really everywhere: from Lazio to Marche, to Umbria, from Valle d’Aosta to Sicily: Already on the day of the first dose – warn from Palermo – a citizen can get an appointment for the second dose directly from the vaccination center. And the holiday saves.

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