Coronavirus, the update of the infections in Palermo and Sicily as of 5 June 2021

Coronavirus, the update of the infections in Palermo and Sicily as of 5 June 2021
Coronavirus, the update of the infections in Palermo and Sicily as of 5 June 2021

White zone. This is what Sicily is aiming for, which can boast encouraging data and a slowdown of the pandemic for days now. The milestone should be crossed by the end of the month as long as the situation remains under control. And the latest bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health leads to good hopes. The new Covid cases ascertained on the island in the last 24 hours are 234 (yesterday 337) out of 15,110 swabs analyzed. The positivity rate is therefore equal to 1.5%, down from 2.3% yesterday.

There are 396 patients hospitalized with symptoms in hospitals (yesterday 409), to which we must add the 45 patients in intensive care (like yesterday) with three new entries. This brings the total of hospitalized to 441, that is thirteen fewer than yesterday. 7,454 people are in home isolation (down from 7,864 yesterday). The total of current positives is 7,895 people. There are 649 recovered, a figure that brings the total since the beginning of the pandemic to 213,483. However, there are also 8 new victims, so the toll comes to 5,871.

Looking at the division of new cases in the territory, Palermo (and its province) is below thirty with 28 new infections. In Catania, on the other hand, there are 77; in Messina 23; in Syracuse 9; in Trapani 7; in Ragusa 37; in Agrigento 41; Caltanissetta two and ten in Enna.

Movida under control

Close to the nightlife. Mayor Leoluca Orlando signed an ordinance yesterday evening as part of the measures to combat Covid 19 which provides for the possibility of interrupting the pedestrian or vehicular transit in Piazza Sant’Anna, Piazza Magione and in the Vucciria area in case of “confirmed crowding such as not to allow compliance with anti Covid regulations and an orderly presence in places in order to prevent unacceptable excesses and acts of violence”. (The full article)

Vaccines, new record for the island: 58,000 administrations in 24 hours

The vaccines

“Beside the last ones” – special track of the vaccination campaign in Palermo and its province carried out in the reception center for the poor and in the suburbs with the help of neighborhood associations – stopped at the Albergheria. At the Le Balate cultural center, in via Mongitore, about one hundred people have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus. The provisional total of the immunized thus reaches over 900 people, including homeless people and residents in working-class neighborhoods in conditions of profound social hardship. The next events of the campaign will be in the Cep, Noce and Brancaccio districts on 7, 8 and 9 June. (The full article)

And tampons

Rapid antigenic swabs boom at Central Station. The initiative of the Italian Red Cross continues successfully, inaugurated on May 15th, which allows you to undergo the test in the structure set up inside the railway yard. Thanks to the FS Group which made the spaces available to the CRI, about 3,300 rapid antigenic swabs were carried out from 15 to 31 May, with an average of over 200 tests per day. From 9 to 19, the Red Cross volunteers and health personnel ensure screening not only for travelers but for anyone who shows up at the point of administration without any cost, age limit and without the need for a medical prescription. (The full article)

The situation in Italy

The new bulletin of the Ministry of Health records 2,436 infections and 57 deaths on over 238 thousand swabs (antigenic and molecular). Yesterday there were 2,557 infections, 73 deaths. The number of hospitalized patients with symptoms (-295) and intensive care (-48) also decreased. Only 20 entrances to critical area wards.

  • New cases: 2,436
  • Total cases: 4,230,153
  • Buffers (antigenic and molecular): 238,632
  • Currently positive: 195,369 (-4,823)
  • Hospitalized with symptoms: -295; total: 5,193
  • Hospitalized in Intensive Care: -48; total: 788
  • Admissions to intensive care: 20
  • Died after positive Covid test: 57
  • Total deaths: 126,472
  • Total Discharged / Healed: 3,908,312 (+7,200)

The bulletin of June 5 in Italy

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