Allergies, immunodeficiencies: what are the health reasons that lead to the exclusion of the vaccine? The expert’s answers

Allergies, immunodeficiencies: what are the health reasons that lead to the exclusion of the vaccine? The expert’s answers
Allergies, immunodeficiencies: what are the health reasons that lead to the exclusion of the vaccine? The expert’s answers

TRIESTE Is a heart patient or cancer patient more at risk if he is vaccinated against the coronavirus or if he unfortunately contracts the coronavirus? And if the side effects of vaccines can be heavier for allergy sufferers, what are the allergies that go badly with Covid-19 vaccines? What are the diseases that exclude vaccinations? To all these questions, in the days when we continue to talk about vaccination against Covid which can be deferred for health reasons and diseases that I do not allow to undergo the administration of the vaccine, answers the full professor of Immunology at the University of Udine, Carlo Pucillo. “The vaccine cannot be given to people who are allergic to Peg, the inert substance that is used in mRna vaccines, they are people who, if they get immunized, can have problems.”

Why is this substance used in vaccines?

“Peg is used to stabilize mRna vaccines delivered through small balls of fat. Those who are allergic to this substance clearly cannot be vaccinated against Sars-CoV2, the virus that causes Covid-19 ».

What kind of substance is Peg?

“It is a water-soluble compound widely used in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries, including, as mentioned, some vaccines”.

Are there other cases in which the Sars-coV2 vaccine is not recommended?

“People with immunodeficiencies, or diseases that compromise the immune system, cannot be given attenuated vaccines such as measles.”

What are attenuated vaccines?

“Attenuated vaccines are those produced by infectious agents rendered non-pathogenic.”

Because attenuated vaccines cannot be given to people with immunodeficiencies?

“For a person with a weak immune system it is preferable to choose alternative vaccines, those produced with a part of the virus that is dead and therefore less powerful.”

According to scientific findings, how many people with severe immunodeficiencies cannot receive the Sars-CoV vaccine?

“Even if there aren’t many cases there are so we have to take them into account. The case of Padua is exemplary ».

Would you like to explain the case of Padua to us?

“An immunosuppressed child could not have attended school if her classmates had not been vaccinated to protect her.”

Have they created some sort of sanitary cordon?

“That’s right, an immunosuppressed person cannot come into contact with the coronavirus that creates the Covid-19 pathology. In these cases the immunosuppressed person protects himself by vaccinating those around him ».

Excuse me if I insist, in recent months we have seen sick oncologists vaccinated, people with serious heart problems, in these cases the vaccine is still recommended?

«Absolutely yes also because if heart patients and cancer patients do not vaccinate against Sars-CoV2 and, unfortunately, come into contact with the virus and are infected, they have a good chance of not making it. If a heart patient comes, Covid is dead ».

Are you saying that, in these cases, the risk they run by taking the Sars-CoV2 vaccine is lower than that resulting from Covid-19?

“We have been repeating this since the start of the vaccination campaign, getting vaccinated is important to protect yourself and others”.

Is it possible to draw up a sort of list of diseases that do not allow vaccination?

«No this cannot be done. It is not a list problem, in general they are safe vaccines. The only problem is represented by people who have allergic problems ».

What happens if an allergic to Peg is vaccinated with an mRna preparation?

“If that person has a strong allergy he can go into anaphylactic shock.”

Do all allergy sufferers need to be careful?

“The situation must be assessed from case to case. I repeat the vaccine should not be given to people allergic to Peg, the substance used in the preparation of mRna vaccines. Basically the vaccines are safe, the cases in which they cannot be administered are few: allergies must be evaluated and in the case of immunodeficiency conditions the observed vaccine cannot be given. In this case, alternative strategies must be adopted ”.

Those who support freedom of choice consider the vaccine trials carried out in just one year to be unconvincing, what do you think?

«The vaccine is a guarantee of absolute safety. The mRna platform was used years ago to produce a cancer vaccine. Compared to then only the small piece you put inside changes. The mRna vaccines already existed, the insertion of a fragment we did not know was accelerated ».

Is the appeal always the same at this point?

“Compared to the risk of incurring the side effects caused by the vaccine, the risk of coming into contact with the coronavirus which, in turn, can cause stroke and thrombosis is higher. So the appeal is always the same: get vaccinated ». –

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