here are the costs of the tests

here are the costs of the tests
here are the costs of the tests

Traveling, the desire has returned to everyone. And in Italy you can already, without having to submit to rules that limit free movement. Only in Sardinia, as a result of the order renewed by President Solinas, is it still necessary to be vaccinated, cured or have a negative result of a swab, even a quick one. For the rest, everyone is free. But abroad? For citizens of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, pending the European green pass that will take effect from 1 July, it is still a jungle of rules, which envelops even those who are already vaccinated. Here then in private doctors’ offices and pharmacies these days there is a boom in requests to obtain a tampon, a passport necessary to be able to reach many European Union countries.


Vacation in Spain? You need the swab. Not even fast, but molecular. Until 9 June it will also be the same in France. From that date, however, the vaccinated will be able to enter freely. In Austria, today, for Friulians who do not live in border areas and are not vaccinated, a swab is needed. Go ahead instead to those who are protected. The same concept holds true in Slovenia and Croatia. Finally, from tomorrow, Germany will remove Italy from the areas at risk and therefore there will be no limits to circulation. But the forest of rules is still there. There is one, in particular, that vaccinated people find quite annoying: on returning to Italy, a negative swab is still needed, carried out up to 72 hours before arrival. Even for those with the second dose of the antidote. A norm destined to change, but for now still standing. This is why the assault on private tests was launched: before a trip to many EU countries, in fact, it is still necessary to show the negative swab.


Controls, of course, are much tighter for those traveling by plane. The bottleneck of the airport makes it easier to monitor each passenger’s requirements before boarding. On the road, however, it is more like a lottery. But the rule is there too. The most direct consequence of this forest of rules, however, is all in the traveler’s wallet. It is in fact a real “dear holidays”, since between the swab at departure and the test necessary to return correctly to Italy, thus avoiding the obligation of quarantine, one often ends up spending more than the plane ticket. Flights, today, are more often than not discounted. Sometimes you find a plane to Spain for less than twenty euros, you just need to know how to juggle. But between the start and finish tests, the bill can go up to over two hundred euros. A nice hit.


How much do private tampons cost today? It depends. Both by the provider and by the type of test. If the destination country still requires a molecular swab, things are going badly. They range from 85 to 210 euros. The highest price is applied to tests whose (highly reliable) result is delivered to the applicant’s hands two hours after the exam has been taken. If you pay less, however, the outcome is communicated the next day. For rapid tests, however, things change, even if the costs are not entirely insignificant: in the region they range from 40 to 65 euros for the latest generation test, more reliable and safe. Calculating that a second exam must be taken to return to Italy, the holiday risks costing at least 100 euros more, when it goes well.

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