Ciociaria, Covid, no victims in Ciociaria and 7 new positives

The result of the vaccination campaign continues to give the desired results in terms of the fight against Covid-19 in Ciociaria. According to the data released a little while ago in the bulletin released a little while ago by the Asl of Frosinone, in the province in the last 24 hours, there are 7 new positives out of 1048 processed swabs.

New minimum incidence record. And a weekly average below the double figure that did not occur from the period 14-20 September, we are about 9.40 infections per day. Good news also on the victim front: there were no deaths.

Collapse of all curves, therefore, and it is thanks to the vaccination campaign that continues to give the desired results. Today in Lazio 3.6 million administrations have been exceeded. “More than one in two adult citizens received the first dose and about 1 in 4 completed the vaccination process” – This is what Councilor D’Amato communicates in a note.

“Given the success of the Astrazeneca Open Week we intend to propose it again next week with the same modality as the virtual ticket – continues D’Amato’s note – The” three clicks and I vaccine “formula is liked and appreciated by users for ease of access and speed of administration. Additional slots have been reopened for today and tomorrow at the Nuvola, Termini, Acea Piazzale Ostiense and the Ostia swimming center “.

The situation in the municipalities
Of the 7 new positives, two are registered in Broccostella. In each of the following municipalities, however, there is only one new case: Cassino, Ferentino, San Giovanni Incarico, Sora and Vallecorsa.


Ciociaria Covid victims Ciociaria positives

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