Coronavirus Italy, the contagion curve drops again. Vaccinations / LIVE are decisive

Coronavirus Italy, the contagion curve drops again. Vaccinations / LIVE are decisive
Coronavirus Italy, the contagion curve drops again. Vaccinations / LIVE are decisive

Rome, 5 June 2021 – Continue a improve the epidemiological situation in Italy, so much so that the infection curve gives Covid-19 it is among the lowest in Europe. Also this week there is a decrease in the incidence of cases – a fundamental parameter for deciding the placement of the Regions in the color bands – which touches the value of 32 per 100 thousand inhabitants, and the transmissibility index Rt falls again, to 0.68. , and hospitalizations for Covid. The data of the last weekly monitoring of the control room are positive and photograph an encouraging trend, on which the decisive impact of vaccinations.

The mortality curve, and currently three out of four of those who contract the infection are asymptomatic. A positive trend that is reflected in the employment of beds hospital for Covid. This week, in fact, no Region exceeds the critical occupancy threshold for ICU beds (where the occupancy rate is 12%, below the critical threshold of 30%, and where the number of inpatients goes from 1,323 to 1,033 in a week). o medical area (with an employment rate of 11% and inpatients that go from 8,577 to 6,482). A turning point is therefore emerging, with all the Regions and autonomous provinces classified as low risk.

It continues, therefore, the decline of the epidemic curve in Italy. The new cases registered yesterday, June 4, were 2.557. With 220,939 swabs, 123 thousand more than the previous day, so much so that the positivity rate falls from 2% to 1.1%. The deaths are 73 (Thursday 59), for a total of 126,415 victims since the beginning of the epidemic.

Covid Tuscany 4th June bulletin

White area from 7 June for Liguria and Umbria

The hospitalizations are always downhill, with the terapie intensive which are 56 fewer (yesterday -41) with 22 daily admissions, and drop to 836 total, while ordinary hospitalizations are 229 fewer (yesterday -141), 5,488 in total. This is what emerges from the daily bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

The contagion index Rt

Still down, for the fourth consecutive week, theRt contagion index in Italy. In the last week of monitoring it settled at 0.68, against 0.72 the previous week. This is what emerges from the analysis of the control room gathered this morning. In addition to the RT, in Italy the decline in weekly incidence: as emerges from the analysis of the Ministry of Health-Iss control room, in the week of 24-30 May the incidence is 36 cases per 100,000 inhabitants against 51 per 100,000 inhabitants in the week 17-23 May. The vaccination campaign is progressing faster and faster and the incidence is at a level (below 50 per 100,000) that would allow the containment of new cases. All the Regions and the autonomous provinces therefore they are classified as low risk.

Sardinia case, aspires to EU green region

The decline in the epidemiological curve in Sardinia continues and remains steadily in white area for the second week in a row. The Island, in the period considered data as of 1 June relating to the week 24 May -30 May 2021) shows a transmissibility index R

“Things are better” in Italy on the Covid front “thanks to the vaccination campaign and the measures we have had in recent months”, it is now necessary “to continue on a gradual path, because it is right to reopen but step by step” since ” too long a step could make us pay a price ». This was stated by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, when asked on the sidelines of the G7 in Oxford on the easing of the rules on tables in restaurants. «We must always distinguish the open from the closed – he added – because indoors there are many more risks. We are on the right path, we must insist on this path ».

He refused to wear the mask, he has been in prison for six months

Declining hospitalizations

There are 892 patients hospitalized in intensive care for Covid in Italy. With a decline of 41 compared to yesterday in the daily balance between income and expenses. The daily admissions, according to data from the Ministry of Health, were 24 (yesterday they were 33). The hospitalized with symptoms in the ordinary wards are 5,717, down by 141 units compared to yesterday (when the drop was 334).

The point about vaccines

36,012,012 doses of vaccine against covid administered in Italy, 89.8% of those delivered, equal to 40,122,659 doses. In detail, 27,733,972 doses of Pfizer / BioNTech serum were distributed, 7,426,880 from Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca), 3,735,557 from Moderna and 1,226,250 from Johnson & Johnson.

Italy in white from 21 June

L’Italy will be tinged with White, with the sole exception of Val d’Aosta, starting June 21st. Always, of course, that the decline in the infection (which continues steadily with a -27% of cases in the last week) does not reverse its course. An important role in all this is obviously played by the striding advance of the vaccination campaign.

Ricciardi: “Good vaccines for everyone, but effort is needed for the frail”

The anti-Covid vaccination extended to citizens of all ages since early June “is extraordinarily important, but it must not lead to the neglect of vulnerable subjects” not yet immunized, “who are the most at risk if they contract the infection”. He invites “an additional effort” to find and protect them Walter Ricciardi, Professor of Hygiene at the Catholic University and scientific advisor to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, who spoke to ‘Questions and Answers’ on RaiNews24.

From 3 June away the age groups

From 3 June the Regions and autonomous provinces will receive the green light to vaccinate people of all age groups, including children aged 12 to 15, who number around 2 million and 300 thousand. “We are moving towards overcoming the age groups – said the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo today visiting Umbria – with a watchful eye on the over 60s. We have excellent results on the over 80s, good on the over 70s. and only satisfactory for the over 60s, and it is very likely that from the beginning of next week Aifa will also give the green light for the vaccine to adolescents. A careful eye must be on the student population – he continued – to be able to reopen safely to September, but first we must focus on vaccinating the 60-year-olds. It is right and useful because only in this way will we be able to empty hospitals and intensive care “.

One and a half million in their seventies without the first dose

More than one and a half million over 70s are still waiting for the first dose or the single dose of the anti Covid vaccine: in detail, at least 1,095,264 men and women between the 70-79 years and 437,933 over 80s. This is what emerges from the weekly report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency. Between 70-79 years old, 35.46% in Sicily, 28.65% in Calabria, 25.23% in Friuli Venezia Giulia and 24.66% in Sardinia are awaiting the first dose or single dose; among the over 80s, still waiting for the first dose or the single dose, 27.55% in Sicily, 25.10% in Calabria and 20.38% in Abruzzo.

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