Unrecorded healings, Messina discovers the real covid data

Unrecorded healings, Messina discovers the real covid data
Unrecorded healings, Messina discovers the real covid data

Now the numbers of the pandemic are much less scary. Even in the province, a bit like last year these days, the worst seems to be over. But this above all from 31 May on. Why a specific date? Only because, based on the numbers distributed daily on the “current infected”, that day there was a fact that deserves further study. On May 30 in the province of Messina there were 1747 people with Covid. 24 hours later the figure had dropped to 1188.

A negative balance of 559 which makes you breathe a sigh of relief but it must have an explanation, after that for the whole of May, the decline had been of little more than 300 infected. The reason, according to what was communicated by the Covid emergency office, is that the end-of-quarantine or illness communications (arrived late?) Of the general practitioners of patients recovered in recent months, even in January. 540 people who were still infected and who had actually been healed for some time.

These numbers could be the same ones communicated to the Region and, therefore, to the national system, which daily monitor the territories and decide the colors of the regions and any localized red areas. To get an idea Messina went from 660 positives on May 31st to 447 on June 1st. Barcelona, ​​which in recent months was the red zone, from 118 to 69. Taormina from 105 to 68. Now the numbers are aligned and should give a more plausible picture of the contagion in Messina. Yesterday the figure was 1131 current positives across the province (minus 36 compared to the previous day). In the city alone, the figure is 451, therefore a slight increase due to six new positives. Good response yesterday to the first real day open also to under 40s. 896 doses at the Fair, 725 at Rescifina, 404 at the former military hospital, 414 at Papardo with 190 in the new category.

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Unrecorded healings Messina discovers real covid data

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