Covid vaccines, record in Italy: 600,000 doses per day. And China approves vaccinations for 3-year-olds

Covid vaccines, record in Italy: 600,000 doses per day. And China approves vaccinations for 3-year-olds
Covid vaccines, record in Italy: 600,000 doses per day. And China approves vaccinations for 3-year-olds

The vaccination campaign in Italy is definitely accelerating. “The shoulder to Covid” announced for the month of June by the head of the emergency, General Francesco Figliuolo begins with a record. It is that of daily inoculations: almost 600,000 (598,000) vaccinations have been administered in Italy over the last 24 hours. This is what we read in the government report updated at 6 this morning. Precisely there were 598,510 thousand of which 444,639 first doses and 153,871 second doses. The total of administrations rose to 37,069,235, of which 12,737,533 (23.48% of the population over 12) completed the vaccination cycle.

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In relation to the doses administered in relation to the population, the region that is doing best of all is Molise, with almost 67% of the coverage, followed by Liguria, Abruzzo and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Lombardy also did well, Piedmont very far from the top, slipping from 13th to 14th place in one day.

Also according to the government bulletin, 37,069,235 anti-Covid vaccines have been administered in our country, 88.3% of the doses delivered so far, equal to 41,987,609 (27,360,000 Pfizer / BioNTech, 7,420,580 di AstraZeneca, 3,735,557 of Moderna and 1,226,250 Johnson & Johnson), while the total number of vaccinated people who received the first and second dose of vaccine amounted to 12,737,533 (23.48% of the population over 12) . With regard to the territorial division, in the lead in terms of doses administered Lombardy with 6,206,315 (92.2 per cent of the doses received), Lazio with 3,471,001 (87.4 per cent) and Campania with 3,427,442 (90.3 percent).

Vaccine ranking

As for the vaccines administered in Italy yesterday, the overwhelming prevalence is Pfizer, with 447,388 doses administered compared to almost 600,000 incoculations. Followed by AstraZeneca with 58178 doses, Moderna (52849) and Johnoson & Johnson (with 40,095 doses administered). As regards, instead, the estimate of the potential quantity of vaccine doses available (in millions) In Italy, by quarter and by manufacturer, based on the preliminary purchase agreements (APA) signed by the European Commission and subject to AIC, here is the summary table.

China and vaccines for children

China, after having approved the anti-Covid Sinovac, will now use it to immunize children and adolescents as well. The age range is between 3 and 17 years, while until now it was only authorized for people aged 18 and over. This was stated by the president of the producer Sinovac Biotech, Yin Weidong, on the Chinese state TV CCTV, adding that the preliminary results of the experiment show good efficacy on minors and reduced risk of side effects. Yin added that Chinese health authorities will determine when to start administering to minors, based on his vaccination strategies.

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