There is not only Covid, the mystery of the 30 thousand dead

There is not only Covid, the mystery of the 30 thousand dead
There is not only Covid, the mystery of the 30 thousand dead

While the Covid, thanks to the vaccination campaign, it seems to regress, Italy will soon find itself having to deal with the effects of a pandemic that the previous government was not able to manage.

Our country is the one that, first in the West, adopted the lockdown and a more ‘closure’ approach is implemented and yet it is the third in the world for Coronavirus lethality index. What does it mean? It means that, in Italy, the ratio between deaths from Covid and the number of positive cases diagnosed is 4 out of 100 infections, while in Iran it is 5 out of 100 and in Mexico 10 out of 100. Yet the health emergency linked to Covid -19 has almost completely absorbed the energies and attentions of those involved in public health, neglecting patients with other pathologies. This is the result of a study conducted by Letizia Giorgianni for the Studies Office of the Brothers of Italy and that was able to view exclusively. In this report it is recalled that last year, according to Istat, there was an increase of 85,624 deaths, but of these, according to what he writes The Courier, only 55,576 would be caused by the coronavirus. Now, it is legitimate to ask whether these 30 thousand deaths are Covid patients who have not been discovered due to the criticalities of the tracing phase of the infections or if people sick with other diseases have died because they have not been adequately treated.

According to this research, if in a given territory, there was a low percentage of infected people on the total excess deaths “It may mean that patients with other pathologies have no longer been treated and saved as before”. In summary, in the last year the health system seems to have neglected people suffering from tumors or heart diseases. A fear that is reflected in the data of Agenas (the National Health Agency of the Regions) according to which in the first six months of 2020 there were one million fewer hospitalizations than in 2019. A figure that, according to a report by the Catholic University who calculated how many hospitalizations non-Covid hospitals have been postponed or not carried out, corresponding to 28% of the total. According to Federsanità, on the other hand, even in the months of 2020 when intensive care had emptied, there was a reduction in outpatient services ranging from 10% to 28%.

Data somewhat worrying if we consider that, analyzing the Istat tables on the mortality, it turns out that the leading cause of death in Italy is cardiovascular disease of which more than 230 thousand people die every year. Not only. According to a study conducted by the Italian Society of Cardiology (SIC), mortality from heart attack in Italy tripled in 2020, from 4.1% to 13.7%. According to Ciro Indolfi, full professor of Cardiology at the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro, if the cardiological network is not restored we will have more deaths due to heart attack than for Covid. “The organization of the hospitals and the 118 at this stage was dedicated almost exclusively to Covid-19 and many cardiological departments were used for infectious patients”, explains the expert who adds: “In addition, for fear of contagion, patients delay access to the emergency room and arrive in hospital in increasingly serious conditions, often with arrhythmic or functional complications, which make therapies that have proven to be life-saving such as angioplasty much less effective. primary “.

In second position, among the causes of mortality are i tumors of which 180 thousand people died and, also in this case, there was a considerable neglect of the national health system. According to a Repubblica survey, in fact, in 2020 breast surgeries were reduced by 22%, those on the prostate by 24%, on the thyroid by 31% and, finally, by 32% for the colon. But not only. According to the Italian Federation of Voluntary Associations in Oncology “in 2020 in Italy 99% of breast cancer operations, 99.5% of prostate operations, 74.4% of colorectal operations were postponed” , we read in the study that we were able to view.

As if that weren’t enough, the pandemic has had an effect infodemia, that is a hyper-diffusion of news on the covid that has had the result of frightening the Italians. 55%, according to a survey by Incisive Health, were afraid to go to the emergency room and hospital due to the risk of contracting the coronavirus, while 45% avoided being examined by a specialist doctor in the hospital. Urgent hospitalizations have therefore dropped sharply, but there is a mystery about the 30 thousand people who died not from Covid.

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