Long Covid, in the Uk doctors made redundant or with reduced salaries. A doctor: “My associates worried that I would be disabled”

The Covid that we often don’t see. Tiredness, neurological problems, difficulty moving or simply breathing, inability to focus on simple activities of daily living, in some cases memory loss. The after-effects of the Sars Cov 2 infection continue to haunt those who have escaped the worst and try to reintegrate into society and jobs. The case is the most emblematic and shocking because it sees at the center i British doctors, in the front row when saving the country from the pandemic but thrown out of their occupations after being affected by the so-called ‘long Covid’, Covid with long symptoms. They are a host of at least 122 thousand employees of the NHS the national health service to have suffered the greatest impact for post-covid, followed by 144 thousand teachers and 31 thousand employees in social assistance, report data from the ONS National Statistics Office, according to which 1.1 million Britons in general suffer from long-Covid .

“I received a letter from a lawyer with which my partners in the medical office informed me that they had terminated my partnership because they were worried that I would be disabled. Sometimes I was too tired to work but this was mercenary and cruel, ”a British doctor tells the Guardian.
And the stories multiply in the UK doctors longcovid Facebook group created by female doctors Sarah Burns e Sue Warren to provide support to medical professionals struggling with symptoms of depression, feelings of guilt for leaving colleagues to manage the pandemic but also anger and disappointment for being abandoned and penalized after contracting Covid-19 right in the workplace . A study published in Lancet Psychiatry reports that six months after contracting a severe form of Covid, 1 in 3 patients are diagnosed with neurological or psychiatric diseases, while research by University College London, the University of Leicester and ONS, reveals that a third of those hospitalized for Covid return in hospital within 4 months, while a patient dies. British health care provides medical assistance through specific websites and rehabilitation services but the problem encountered by British doctors also includes loss of one’s salary, difficulty in accessing state subsidies and above all to make colleagues understand that they are no longer able to support ‘normal’ work shifts and workloads.

The general practitioner interviewed by the Guardian Guy Jalundhwala, vice-president of the Doctors’ Association UK, reveals that due to her battle against the after-effects of Covid which began in April 2020 she still has not been able to return to work full time and this has forced her to a salary reduction of 40%. In Great Britain, the number of patients with persistent systems even after a year from the infection has risen from 70 thousand registered in March to 376 thousand in May, and the phenomenon seems to affect mainly healthcare personnel, women and fibulae between 35 and 69 years. Primary doctors, often private employees, who do not have access to the same sickness benefits afforded to British public health hospital staff, are mainly paying for the consequences, Burns explains.

“Some hospitals have shown support but some doctors have had their on-call incentives stolen because they were too weak to return to working night shifts, and this despite having contracted Covid right at work – explains David Strain, spokesman for the doctors’ union. British BMA who is trying to push the Johnson government to establish a compensation fund for both hospital staff that for general practitioners unable to return to work after what will continue to be a long battle against the Coronavirus.

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