Which are the provinces with zero Covid infections (or almost)

Which are the provinces with zero Covid infections (or almost)
Which are the provinces with zero Covid infections (or almost)

The decline in new infections from Covid-19 in Italy continues. Today’s bulletin, June 4, tells us that 2,557 new cases have been registered (out of 220 thousand swabs carried out) in the last 24 hours in Italy, the positivity rate has dropped to 1.1%. The deaths in the last 24 hours have been 73. The numbers are therefore decreasing compared to a few weeks ago. And there are many provinces that have scored “zero” new infected: above all those of Campobasso and Isernia certainly stand out, Molise is in fact the region that today has no new cases of Coronavirus (as it had already happened four days ago ). Then there are the provinces of Ragusa (Sicily) and Terni (Umbria) which today did not count even a positive.

The Italian provinces as less Covid cases

Very low numbers also for Gorizia (in Friuli) and Rieti (Lazio): both with only one Covid case. Then follow Savona (Liguria), Oristano (Sardinia), Piacenza (Emilia Romagna), Viterbo (Lazio) with 2 new positives; three instead have those of Rovigo (Veneto), Chieti (Abruzzo), Imperia and La Spezia (Liguria); South Sardinia and Massa Carrara (Tuscany) are 4, while Fermo and Macerata (Marche), Siena (Tuscany) and Aosta have 5. Finally Grosseto (Tuscany), Pescara (Abruzzo), Parma and Ferrara (Emilia Romagna) Pordenone and Udine (Friuli), Lecco and Lodi (Lombardy) to 6.

The regions with the most cases

Lombardy, on the other hand, remains the most affected region: here there are +417 new cases (over 35 thousand swabs, with a rate of 1.2% which is therefore the same as the national one. Above 300 there are only two regions: Sicily (+ 337 cases with 2.3% rate) and Campania (+300 with 2.3% rate).



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