COVID IN CANAVESE – Positive cases drop below 400: infections at historic lows

COVID IN CANAVESE – Positive cases drop below 400: infections at historic lows
COVID IN CANAVESE – Positive cases drop below 400: infections at historic lows

CANAVESE – In the tables below the positive covid situation updated in our territory with the data provided by the Piedmont Region Municipality by Municipality. As already happened in the spring, we are obliged to underline that the (public) data are provided by the crisis unit of the Piedmont Region and, in certain situations, may differ from those disseminated by individual municipalities. At present, after today’s update, there are 364 positive covid cases in the territory followed by Qc. 102 less than the day before yesterday.

The numbers in the weekly report give Piedmont an Rt of 0.64, down from the previous week when it was at 0.70. The incidence of infections continues to be below 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. “The white zone was first a dream, then it was a hope, but now it’s a real prospect: we’re close, the numbers keep telling us”. Thus the governor of Piedmont, Alberto Cirio.

34,289 people have received the Covid vaccine reported today to the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region (data at 18.30). 2,875 were given the second dose. Among the vaccinated today, in particular, 1,417 are in their thirties, 6,381 are forty, 15,557 are in their fifties, 3,437 are in their sixties, 1,670 are in their seventies, 1,233 are extremely vulnerable and 407 are over 80. Since the beginning of the campaign, 2,655,250 doses have been inoculated (of which 904,761 as the second), corresponding to 87.3% of 3,042,240 currently available for Piedmont. The percentage is lower than yesterday because the total includes 92,700 doses of AstraZeneca and 23,900 of Johnson & Johnson delivered today.


Today the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region reported 191 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 26 after antigen tests), equal to 0.9% of 21,118 swabs performed, of which 14,913 antigenic. Of the 191 new cases, 92 were asymptomatic (48.2%). The cases are broken down as follows: 19 screenings, 141 case contacts, 31 with ongoing investigation; by area: 5 nursing homes / social welfare structures, 24 schools, 162 general population. The total of positive cases thus becomes 365,111.
There are 70 hospitalized in intensive care (-5 compared to yesterday).
There are 484 inpatients not in intensive care (-29 compared to yesterday).
There are 3,575 people in home isolation.
The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 5,018,243 (+21,118 compared to yesterday), of which 1,656,642 were negative.

There are 2 deaths of positive people in the Covid-19 test reported by the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region, of which 1 occurred today (please note that the cumulative updated data communicated daily also includes deaths that occurred in the previous days and only subsequently ascertained as Covid deaths). The total is now 11,652 deaths who tested positive for the virus.

349.330 HEALED
A total of 349,330 patients healed (+446 compared to yesterday) divided as follows on a provincial basis: 27,638 Alessandria, 16,584 Asti, 10,811 Biella, 50,624 Cuneo, 26,830 Novara, 187,656 Turin, 12,919 Vercelli, 12,442 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in addition to 1,419 extra-region and 2,407 in the definition phase.

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